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Question on griefing

Cybernetic Ascendancy
22-06-2005, 22:54
Having consulted the Big Invasion/delegate FAQ, I'm still in some doubt as to whether my native region (Edinburgh) is suffering griefing or not - although I think it's quite likely it is. Ok, it's rather small (16 nations at present) but means something to us natives since prior to invasion it was composed mostly of a group of RL friends and acquaintances.

So far the invaders have failed to comply with one rule of protocol as they requested native nations to telegram them for the password when they briefly passworded the region. But I'm currently concerned with the current line in their amended Factbook entry:

"New nations identify yourselves. All UN nations endorse your Raider of Mass Destruction delegate or face a trip to The RRs."

They have so far prevented myself (Cybernetic Ascendancy) and other native nations (such as Gether) from replacing them as UN delegate by repeatedly kicking us into the Rejected Realms - thus removing our endorsements from each other. What do folk here think?

Edinburgh (
Magnetic Island
23-06-2005, 00:14
Ok. Have any natives been ejected and not unbanned?

I am a defender and will try and liberate your region tonight. We will give you the delegacy.
23-06-2005, 18:26
Try a getting help report. Some of the mods really enjoy beating the crap out of griefers. I'll alert my defender allies, we'll come to the rescue asap.