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Join Club Blade (recruitment topic)

22-06-2005, 22:30
Club Blade is a place where you can duel with like-minded people, or, if you are a newcomer to the ways of dueling, learn.

We have an entire topic dedicated to the teaching of the ways of dueling, as well as RPing and any other kind of writing.

If you have a poem, short story or essay you wish to have critiqued, simply post it in Club Blade, and someone with experience in such things will come along and critique your work, as well as give you tips on improvement.

Club Blade is a great place to be, simply because it'll most likely be full of like minded people.

If you think you might be interested in joining Club Blade, go to the link below, and join!

Or, if you’d like o see us in our humble beginnings,

This board won’t be too active, however, so I suggest you go to the off-site forum.

Remember, everyone is welcome. (unless you are a Flamer or a Troll. Then we don't want you!)

<b>Club Blade</b> <i>Come to learn, stay to duel.</i>
23-06-2005, 00:37
This doesn't really belong in NationStates. It doesn't really belong here either.