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Join The Crusade! (Region Recruitment)

21-06-2005, 20:04
Excerpt from an international newspaper of good repute…
Fanatic Uprising in Former Ekthatria

Order has finally been brought to the chaotic region that was once the Republic of Ekthatria. Religious leaders, building on the moralistic movement that caused the collapse of the republic, have instituted the New Kingdom of God. Claiming moral authority to launch a crusade against all enemies of God, the nations of this new kingdom….

An excerpt of a speech given by Most Glorious Lord Protector Markus Hilipatuus

And so the call goes out from this place: Come to God’s Kingdom! We will need allies in this great crusade, for we cannot fight the enemies of God on our own. We are young, but there is much land here on which to build the kingdom, and so I say to others who hear the call of God’s crusade: Pack your homes, bring your sons and daughters, for a new home awaits you! Come unto the Kingdom and join out Holy Work!

(Interested? Join the “Gods Kingdom” region, an RP heavy, Modern Technology region.)
22-06-2005, 16:17
:cool: How will we crusade against the foes of the lord? :sniper: :mp5: :gundge:
And who are they? any one in particular? :confused: maybe we'll bang their heads against the wall... :headbang: