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Gift Giving?

The Celestine
21-06-2005, 15:50
My nation was recently rejected from my region over a matter of gift-giving. Rather than voting against receiving gifts from other regions/nations, I abstained and asked for more information which was never given to me - can anybody here fill me in? I read the FAQ and it says that there is no trade or war, so I am very confused about the issue. :confused:

I'd really appreciate any help. Thanks!
The Noble Men
21-06-2005, 16:50
Hmm...this is not the place to discuss in-game problems.

Try Moderation or Gameplay.
21-06-2005, 17:26
This thread might get moved or deleted, hopefully the former. Trade means something like america sells x to Italy who sells y to america. Gift giving, if it is an actual gift what could you do, if its not then your ejection was pointless. Anyone can eject anybody else almost everytime. If its from a region crash(maybe something similar), then it is illegal, but other then that I am not sure when you can't be ejected. Move to a different region if you want.
The Noble Men
21-06-2005, 17:31
If you are looking for a new region, I have one. Atheist Haven.

All Atheists welcome.

21-06-2005, 23:15
My nation was recently rejected from my region
It is legal for the founder of any region to eject whomever s/he wants for whatever reasons s/he chooses. The UN Delegate has similar, but more limited powers, and may not eject too many nations (too many = a variable amount, depending on circumstances too long to describe).

Since you didn't include useful bits of information such as your old region, I can't tell you who did what. Suffice to say, chances are your ejection was perfectly within the rules of the game.
The Celestine
22-06-2005, 06:00
Perhaps my post wasn't quite clear and I apologize that it was in the wrong area initially, but I would like to know what this "gift-giving" concept is. In this game, can one nation/region send gifts to another? I was told something about a region being almost completely wiped out by refugees that had some disease - is this all made up, or does the game allow for incidents like these?