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The Imperial Order Of Frith

The military nation
20-06-2005, 17:30

The Imperial Order of the Frith was once a great region but due to conflict and turmoil in Nation States our numbers have dwindled. We are now back on the rise and growing, and we need new recruits like yourself to keep it that way. We need nations like you to help us grow and regain the power we once had. At the IOOF there is much oppurtunity to gain power and rise in the ranks, and there are also lots of active nations to talk to.

To move to The Imperial Order of Frith;
1) Click on 'THE WORLD' link
2) Scroll to the bottom and type in 'THE IMPERIAL ORDER OF FRITH' in the find region box and click on it.
3)On the region page click the link that says "Move My Nation to The Imperial Order of Frith Today!"

See you there! :) ,
- The Military Nation