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TNRV Regional Thread!

Ator People
18-06-2005, 20:43
The Nile River Valley

Hello, and welcome to the FAQ for The Nile River Valley region. We are a moderate size region welcoming nations of all political types. Please look through this thread to find out information about the region, government, elections, etc!

Do you have a forum? - YES, go to
Do you have a government? - YES, it is a large government made up of three branches. The executive branch is mainly the Prime Minister, UN Delegate, and Officers of State. They have little power over the region itself, however, it is their job to enforce regional laws and organize various aspects of the region. The legislative branch is made up of the Senate, which has once senator from each district in the region. They vote on sublaws in the region. Finally, the judicial branch tries nations for violations of laws. It also can overturn laws that infringe on the regional Charter.
What are districts? - They are groups of three nations. Every nation in the region is part of a district, and each district elects its own senator to represent them in the Senate.
Who is the current Prime Minister? - That would be me :) , but I am resigning on the 22nd of June. Elections end on the 20th for the new Prime Minister. All nations in the region can vote. Move here now and you can vote!
Are you an invader region? - NO, we are a defender region and currently are members of the largest defense organization in Nationstates; The Alliance Defense Network!

Ask questions here if you want to join or just have questions regarding the policy of the region.