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Principality of Denhulme seeks a region

18-06-2005, 12:25
Principality of Denhulme
Prionnsaléadh ar Deinn-nan-Eun (

The Principality of Denhulme has announced its intention to seek a new region to align itself with. It is hoped this region would be of modest size (no more that 150 other nations), and would be have a reasonable writeup (on NSWiki or elsewhere) and a map. A region that is fairly active in RPing would also be desirable, however ideally this would be RPing that could be dipped in and out of, and not be too time-intensive.

Any regions wishing negotiate region entry should either reply to this comminique, or send a telegram.
Ness Snorlaxia
18-06-2005, 15:09
Simtropolis? I go to that site.

Anyway, being the delegate of Hyrule, I must suggest that your region of choice be Hyrule, we have a map where you can design your own map piece, and a NSWiki page, which details the region's history. We also have a forum, where you can participate in voting on things, or just have a good time. We are near the 80 nation mark, so we are reasonably sized.

Locations of Interest
The Region of Hyrule (
Hyrule Forums (
Hyrule Regional Map (
NSWiki Page (
Kiru Tao
19-06-2005, 01:57
Although we don't have an NSWiki page yet, we plan to have one in the future. Nevertheless, the Asian Continent ( is of reasonable size and active with roleplaying. We do indeed have a map, and an offsite board as well.