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Punic Carthage

Fergi the Great
13-06-2005, 18:16
Just wanted to advertise for my good friend, Walker Boh (nation=Dugway), Delegate of a new Region Punic Carthage built around the theme of ancient Carthage empire.

If you're history buff or an expert NSer and would like to participate, here's his current recruitment TG:

Greetings Great Nations!

It is my duty and my pleasure to extend to each of you an invitation to join
Punic Carthage, a Gatesville Franchise Region with a government built around the theme of ancient Carthage. We are currently at work establishing a regional government and need nations willing to serve in our regional militia as well as hold positions in our government.

We have partnered with Gatesville in order to more effectively fight against the United Nations. Gatesville is a collection of only the best nations unified in a single purpose: The reshaping of the treacherous and morally imperial UN.

Become a nation of Punic Carthage, and help change the face of Nation States.
Visit our region and website then decide.

If you do decide to move to Punic Carthage here’s how.
Click on the world at the left, once there go to the bottom it will say find a region type in Punic Carthage. Once there go to the top it will say move your nation to Punic Carthage click on that. Feel free to register on our forum and TG the founder or delegate regarding your ideas for our government, forum, website, and army.

And here's some info on Carthage:
Please keep in mind that the government will revolve around the pattern of ancient Carthage which you can learn about at The University of Carthage ( or view the History of Carthage ( or read about it in Wikipedia's Article on Carthage (