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NAZI -- The region...

12-06-2005, 08:03
Creating this thread to determine the oldest nations:

* <NAME>Nazi</NAME>
* <FACTBOOK>Wow, no one has created this yet? Good. Now you can't! Haha! Regions Controlled by LFARTHN: Hitler Germany, Soviet Germany, German Axis, Soviet France, The Den Memorial, Soviet Brazil, German Luftwaffe, Luftwaffe, 14 88, Al Qaeda, Allah, Communist England, The Den II, Red Army, Soviet Austria, The D E N, New Nazi, Fourth Reich, United Nazis, N A Z I, Nazi Brother(s), and The DEN Military HQ. Regions being Protected: Imperial Japan, The PLO, and PLO. Forums:</FACTBOOK>
* <NATIONS>das_dritten_reich: kianite: psychotic_nazi_leaders: the_dumbarses: alexhitler: sturmscgultz: autonome_nationalisten: h2k2: the_fourth__reich: halogod50: pure_aryan: la_liga: tifosi_followers: the_mighty_pump: eagles_disobey: nolaerie</NATIONS>
* <FOUNDER>lfarthn</FOUNDER>