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Roman Empire 2005AD

12-06-2005, 01:27
I'm not sure if this is the right place for this but here goes...

I've created a region for anyone who's interested in joining me in creating and developing an RP based in a futuristic, worldwide Roman Empire. Some knowledge of Roman history would be helpful but not necessary. Mainly I'm looking for creative individuals to help me build the "world according to Rome."

Rome conquered, conquered and went on conquering until the entire world was unified under. Don't ask me how it happened since that'll be part of the fun in developing this idea to its fruition. Was it a gradual or lengthy process of world conquest or did it happen at a rapid pace?

Decentralization of authority within the Empire occurs and the conquered regions begin to exert more and more i independent authority. Some of these areas are less Romanized than others. For example, the Republic of Nihonia, is a Romanized version of Japan. Samurai culture never developed here, China's influence was gradually overshadowed by Rome's influence, et cetera.

The Roman Empire exists, but in name only. It resembles our own world's United Nations because it is more of a confederation of (Romanized) nations that send representatives to Rome (the Senators) to settle matters of import. And, like the UN, the will of the Senate (i.e. the Security Council) is often ignored by one nation or another.

Two main groups exist. The Imperial party, wishes to restore the centralization of authority at Rome itself and recreate the golden age of conquest and militarism. They would reclaim "rogue" nations by force if necessary. They are countered by the Popularist (Democratic) party, which consists of the nations that, while considering themselves Roman, wish to continue reformation and the decentralization of authority.

Obviously this RP will take place on a non-standard Earth, one that we'll be building from the ground up. ;)

This is an embroynic idea, but one that I consider is worth developing. If anyone is up for it, please send me a mail and we can discuss the idea further. :D