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Recruiting for a new region

Da Qin
11-06-2005, 16:54
Great Qin is seeking new (small) nations to join its region, Warring States. A monolithic bureaucracy exists which will guarantee a position within the government. You can take pride in your new and completely superfluous title!
The only positions of note, other than that of the Sovereign, are Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs. The Prime Minister is the Sovereign's right-hand man (he'll eventually be the UN delegate as well). The Prime Minister is to be elected by a simple majority vote of the members of Warring States once a total of 10 members is reached. We are at 4 right now, so join and you might be the lucky one who's elected to the #2 position! The Minister of Foreign Affairs is appointed by the Sovereign to deal with international affairs, such as corresponding with potential members to Warring States or dealing with the heads of state of other regions. Currently this post is occupied but the Sovereign has so far been unimpressed with the current Minister and he may fire him. Obviously being the Foreign Minister requires restraint, since we don't want any international incidents occuring. :p

Warring States tolerates nations of all types. It has no other vision than to unite All Under Heaven and so it equally accepts all who dwell Under Heaven.
I'm quite certain that we can create a peaceful enterprise even taking the differences of opinion between nations into account.

Help us realize the dreams of the Qin ancestors to unite heaven and earth! :D And have some fun in the process.

If you think you'd like to join, send a message to either me [the Sovereign] or Voodoo Island [the Foreign Minister]. Hope to see some new faces around! :D
Squirrel thansion
11-06-2005, 19:13
you should Join the region of Utopico all are welcome and needed and all have a voice,
If you have any questions Telegram me.
Master of squirrels