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Wanted: New region

10-06-2005, 07:44
The Holy Empire of T H E F I S H is looking for a new region that beleives in a strong dictatorship, the power of corperations and with little social ethics to move to.

Please telegram me if you wish T H E F I S H to join your region.
Hegelian Montesquieu
10-06-2005, 07:58
The Region of Aequitas allows all ideologies. It believes strongly in national sovereignety Besides that we are now working on a government to aid in judicial and commercial issues. . For further info, contact The Philosophes or Istangara.
Ebay whores
10-06-2005, 15:16
Corporations will rule the world !
10-06-2005, 15:30
What makes you think you're worthy enough to join Prima Luce?
10-06-2005, 16:20
Yes Coprporations rule the world. I am one. And i must say "Join Abokia!" to you.
10-06-2005, 16:36
Well hey, Zyzox IV has all of the dairy you need. We've appointed a cabinet member who deals exclusively in dairy, so if it comes from cows, you can get it here. I'm thinking, if you show up, and are active, I might even appoint you Director of Money Makin'.
Ness Snorlaxia
10-06-2005, 18:13
Well, I suggest you check out Hyrule, a large, growing region. We have forums, a map, and an NSWiki page. We welcome all kinds of nations, including yorus. And, we're pretty active!

Locations of Interest
The Region of Hyrule (
Hyrule Forums (
Hyrule Regional Map (
NSWiki Page (
Nissan R92CP
10-06-2005, 18:57
you can always join my region: the powerhouse. were open armed and our password is to be told only to those whom want to join
watch for me by moonlight, i'll come to thee by moonlight.... :sniper:
Squirrel thansion
11-06-2005, 18:54
Join Utopico all are welcome and needed and all have a voice
Master of squirrels
11-06-2005, 18:58
Please, re locate to the Nationalist Empire. We of course are Nazi dictatorships- the strongest around!
Stereotype Pirates
12-06-2005, 04:50
If ye were to join our region, you'd have your ships boarded and looted. Ahh harrr, you'd be made to walk the plank.

Mind you them crazy sugar worshippers are pretty much a dictatorship who likes corporations and excessive punishment.