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Young Warriors
09-06-2005, 22:45
i hope this is the right place for this. I want a map of my nations and my friends. Basicly I want a map of my region but I dont have any graphic programs at all. So I was wondering if there was a site or maybe some one could make it for me to help me out please.
10-06-2005, 05:56
If you give me basics like land mass shapes, cities, landmarks, etc, I'd be happy to attempt to draw one up for you.
Young Warriors
10-06-2005, 13:20
Big island area about the size of Russia and China combind, with a couple of "loose" islands surroundung it. In the North I want the country of The Federation Of Mussilini who's capital is Spring City. It also includes many other cities but only a few are of any note. (Pentara City, West Notinville, Lindenburgh city, as well as others wich can be placed any where you chose) I then wan't the biggest Nation to start at the bottom of that and extend the whole way down to the sea of Carbel in the south and extend to the surrounding countries in the west and east. this country is The Armed Republic of Young Warriors and it's capitol is Warrior City wich is located some where near the center. (all of its major cities other then the capitol are named after famous Generals from the liberation army so add some names to cit or ville {Rutherford, Tyson. Goodli,, Smith, Kling. Jones,a nd any that you want} I want a river running from north to south of the area and one running east to west technicly making Young Warriors an island. Obviously I want bridges connecting it to the other areas as well.As for the surrounding countries I want them to be The Armed Republic Of United Soldiers who's capitol city is Deltar and has some random citys scatered of your choosing, I want this on the west side with the Nation of The Armed Republic of Young Warriors who's capitol s Lee's Burgh. Again you can name other cities and put them where ever I really don't care. To the east of Young Warriors I want The Armed Republic of Wolf Dameon. its capital is Wolf city and again feel free to place random cities through out. Also if it is not to much trouble could you add random Mts. and rivers trough out? The only Mt. I really want for shore is Mt. Lee and Mt. Jackson some where in the Young Warriors area then you can name some ranges or leave them blank. I hope this is not to much work for you if it is just let me know and I can shortan it for you thanks.
10-06-2005, 13:29
I own a mapping company and could help you also if you are interested.