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General Theory of Invader Interest and Defenders

03-06-2005, 23:59
I’m bored so ill list off some reasons why we as invaders are in trouble.
there’s many problems to list but few solutions.

This report is offensive, it is blunt; it concedes that defenders are winning. :/
I don’t think everyone agrees with me here, but as a hard lined Invader I perceive these ideas to be the truth, and those invaders that do not agree fail to recognize the problems, and will commit the same mistakes over and over. I am tired of seeing the same mistakes being made, the truth must be told.

1. The obvious: We are outnumbered at least 10 to 1 in all departments. Off the top of my head I'd say there are less active invader regions than I have fingers. Most of these regions are under 40 nations with the exception of GITF.
Off the top of my head I'd say that there are probably no more than 50-60 active invader soldiers spread out amongst the active invader regions.
Collectively these nations don’t help each other as they have their own regions with their own interests, so you would never see 50-60 invader soldiers from the major invader regions all organized in a joint assault. You are more likely to see numbers like... 3-10 nations.

Defenders can put out an infinite number of nations to stop invader groups. I say infinite because they are capable of matching and exceeding any number of soldiers invaders may throw at a region. Defender groups are capable of throwing over 200 nations in a days notice if they have to.

Its well known however, that defender groups have far more soldiers than invaders. Their size isn't anything new.

2. Probably the most damaging and effective advantage defenders have that I would say is even greater than their armies, is that they have almost as many spy nations as there are invader soldiers.

Take Nasicournia for example. Those blokes boast that they have around 20 active spies achieving plenty of success. That’s just nasicournia..what about the ADN? There are more defender spies than there are invader regions. There could be at least 2 defender spies per invader region. You also don’t have to look very far..take what recently happened in DEN for example.

Invaders have the unfortunate disadvantage that they must plan in secrecy and privacy. It only takes 1 spy to setback invader plans. One well positioned spy has the same effectiveness as 100 defender nations. With that, how the deuce can we as invaders plan anything jointly? Its next to impossible. We are pretty much guaranteed to have spies among us. Spies are far worse a problem than the number of solders defenders can output. Spies can make a real mess of things. Spies have allowed defenders to control the size of invader groups, and their ability to collaborate with other invader groups. They are choked as they become infiltrated, they become incapable to grow as moral sinks.

3. Not only are defender groups larger, but they tend to have a good atmosphere. Good company, good times, plenty to do while waiting for the next invasion to blow, produces many loyal members. This presents a problem for invaders, because many of them see the good atmosphere over in the defender side, and join them...screwing over their invader colleagues in the process. Now I’m sort of pulling this out of my ass, but of the invaders that join the defender forums, 50% are likely to defect and join their ranks. And why wouldn’t they? Its fun over there. Now I myself don’t object to discussion with defenders, but I would worry about their loyalties should they become more active in a defender region/org than they are active in their original invader place. Many are drawn to the defender side, and will hand to defenders important intel on a platter just to join their ranks. Defenders are able to produce invader defectors simply by maintaining a good atmosphere.

4. Not only are defender groups larger, but they are more advanced, and hard to infiltrate. Take the ADN, they produce pages of documentation for their volunteer soldiers to read. They make demands to those who wish to join various ministries such as intel, etc to produce essays and references as to why they are good. They have many rules...and with all this beurocracy they still function fine, because they just have so many loyal members. They have the capability to make demands for jobs that stink..such as recruiting, but an army of people will take them up.

5. The mods are on the side of the defender. - This produces many problems.

So what can we do? Well all I can think of is that we try to promote those who we personally recruit. Also, a campaign of dissent should be made, perhaps if we secretly joined some random regions allied with a defender group and began promoting dissent against the defender groups, they would lose member regions, and moral would fall.

Bottom line is, more people tend to prefer the side of the perceived good guys rather than the side of the perceived bad guys. That is why there are so many defenders, that is why they are winning.
The Blaatschapen
04-06-2005, 01:12
Well, you should also copy the good things from the defender regions. The good atmosphere, counter-intelligence, etc.

You can ofcourse infiltrate random defender regions and try to to crush the defender orgs, but that is much harder I think. Especially for the fanatic defender regions.

My simple advice is:If you can't beat them, copy them.

I won't help you ofcourse, I'm a defender :D

And I think I already said way too much...

And also: The battle is only won when the other side stops fighting. There simply won't be any defenders left if there are no invaders to fight against.

04-06-2005, 01:45
And also: The battle is only won when the other side stops fighting. There simply won't be any defenders left if there are no invaders to fight against.

I've pondered over this prospect also. But I think defenders will just adopt other purposes, and also become more pervasive, and casual in what how it's done.

Because there are many small, naive raider groups that aren't under defenders' spotlight, who undergo raids on small regions unnoticed. One could compare them relatively to 'barbarians' in how they're disconnected from the rest of the region-crashing game, and seem to continually coming.

Try residing in a few small founderless and very quiet, perhaps inactive regions, and you may find you are invaded by some small, random invaders, that you've never heard of before in your life. These will always be there, even if the prestigious groups cease to be; perhaps it will be an opportunity to infiltrate, and put attention towards these through extreme pervasiveness.

And even then, maybe they will just decide to impose democracy on any region that isn't democratic enough for their liking (Patently biased, as I obviously think it is immoral).

There will always be these small random groups, and there will always be regions managed largely by one or a few people, as they seem to naturally occur.

Although, I might add, at this stage, defenders would really have to be hypocritical if they would still be forwarding the same image as now.