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Looking for a Region

03-06-2005, 20:46
I am a new player looking for a great NON-Evil region , anyone have any suggestions?

From the Theocrat Blake from WeWoka.
Peace to all....
Fair Progress
03-06-2005, 21:53
Welcome to NationStates - here's the official description of the Scandinavia ( region:

World Factbook Entry: This is the official region for all Scandinavian and Scandinavia-minded people, where everyone is welcome. Scandinavia is a peninsula in Northern Europe. Nations here have wide range of political orientations, and the region itself doesn't represent any philosophy. Region is protected by The Pact of Imperial Scandinavian Super Powers. Limit of 100 nations passed 11.10.2003

Hope to see you soon! :)
03-06-2005, 22:40
The great forest of mihr

World Factbook Entry: The great forest of mihr is a land of lush green woodlands, rolling hills, and possible magic. This region is open to all, but nations who refuse to live peacefully are regrettably frowned upon. The one thing that leaves great mystery is a large stone tablet that reads "The great forest is like a mother. It will shelter you, nourish you, teach you, and hold you in it's embrace. But if you refuse these gifts that embrace will turn into abandonment"

Please join, It's lonely there. :( Oh, and we have punch and pie. :D

-The High Preistess of Brakenwood
Kiru Tao
04-06-2005, 03:06
Well we're not evil (I can't speak for the individual nations though)... we're simply a continent... the Asian Continent (
The Silver Nebulae
04-06-2005, 13:13
If you were looking for a bit of icy calm you could do worse than join Zemlya Frantsa Josifa, the (real life) furthest north islands in the world (as far as I know).

It's small, but we're growing, and nobody could march an army through our blizzards!
Ness Snorlaxia
04-06-2005, 17:02
I suggest that you join Hyrule. We're a large region of over 80 nations, and we have an offsite forum ( and map ( We're starting to form a government, so if you join, you can participate in that.

And, we're also non-evil!
04-06-2005, 21:27
i would suggest the laid-back region of SLJ Islands (
05-06-2005, 02:34
check out the region of PROSPO

just formed.

-MAPS (indepth of your nation with SATELLITE PHOTOS)
-Sports simulations
-Political roleplaying
05-06-2005, 12:25
faction blue supports your beef produce

that is all
05-06-2005, 12:39
Well it all depends on what you like, but in terms of exitement, no one has ever left the KGB.

We are a fairly small region with a beautiful forum where you can write a newspaper, particpate in military, and first person roleplay, tell jokes, help people with homework, and above all have fun. It never gets old at the KGB.

We are not all communist either, we are very diverse. We have an Islamic Monarchy, a republic, an empire and 2 communist states. Wars are often, and we just started a new roleplay with a europe map...

Founder of the KGB
I Still Like Oranges
05-06-2005, 12:43
its got to be The Pigs Pelvis

We're not going to lie, the name spelt backwards means, death to all non jumper wearing goldfish.
Our main religion is the fluff from behind my couch.
Our main aim is to get a monkey in every house by 2020, so if you agree with this idea than this is the place to be.
We believe in the rights of the individual Pizza slice and all exiled Pizza slices are welcome here.
We are for the legalisation of bricks, and the banning of lemons. We don't accept people who have had relationships with pencils. So if you had, forget about joining.
But don't hold that against us.
We now have a magnificent off site forum up and running for the region, so if you join, you should join the forum too.
As a region we allow free speech and don't care what
you say, even swear words (we still

won't "report you to the moderator" like some
We'd love if you joined our ever progressive region but
not if you are taking this site too

seriously, we're only trying to have a bit of a laugh.
We now have our own thread, this just means we can have proper conversations without the annoyance of telegrams/

And thats why you should join, especially if you like crazy conversations
05-06-2005, 19:26
Perhaps life in a feeder region is good?

I'm Dilber, Prime Minister of The West Pacific (if you don't believe me, check it's WFE :P)

We have offsite boards, a map, a webpage, a full constitution, government, military, among other things. We're highly active, and have over...500 members on our boards now I believe? (

Check us out. When you register, check for the email. if it doesn't arrive, pm me on the boards, and I'll do the validation directly.

05-06-2005, 19:36
We in Lancre are often noted for being non-evil. Well. Some of us are, but we're a very open-minded lot.