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Invasions gone wrong

Crazy girl
02-06-2005, 10:29
Here's a few examples of invasions gone wrong, and what I think went wrong (yeah, I'm not a mod (never have been, never will be), nor someone with psychic abilities, so I can never be 100% sure, but still..)

Hopefully this will give some examples of what not to do, and prevent others from making the same mistakes..
Crazy girl
02-06-2005, 10:37
The Urbanites was invaded, and the invader Delegate made two mistakes:

1: He left natives on the banlist

2: He ejected too many natives.

You can make an xml feed of the region, which can help you to figure out roughly who the natives are. Usually I consider anyone moving in before the invader and his endorsers natives, and only kick the invader lead with his endorsers, except when one has been in the region very long already. This was a pretty clear invasion though (there are some messier ones, like When a native calls in outside help, or when some unknowing, swapping natives have endorsed an invader.

The invader and his endorsers were all nations who moved in pretty recently.

The region would count about 40 nations, not counting the natives. Meaning, the invader delegate could get away with maybe ejecting 3 or 4 natives, and that's already bordering griefing, I'd think.

But this Delegate ejected and ejected some more.

Then, he also made the fatal mistakeof leaving two natives on the banlist.

Punishment: Ejected from the UN, and loss of regional control of the region.
Crazy girl
02-06-2005, 10:42
Few days ago, the Moo continent.

The invader had put a password on the region, and failed to telegram it to the natives. After natives asked for it, he only telegrammed it to one, and said he hoped the natives would see it as the act of mercy it was.

Punishment: loss of regional control and clearing the password

The mod hoped the invader Delegate would see that as the act of mercy it was.

What we learned: When you password a region as an invader Delegate, telegram the password to all natives immediatly. Also make sure te password is mentioned clearly, so no riddles or any other smart tricks, like mentioning it like "this" and then having the " " as part of the password.

A way to play this on safe, is to first telegram the password to all the natives,and then putting it up. Saves problems like internet connection and all.
Crazy girl
04-06-2005, 08:14
Today in Coronado..

Havin a region of about 15 nations and bringing it back to 5 is bad for any Delegate, native and invader.

Today's punishment: DEAT
Crazy girl
11-06-2005, 10:54
And another one..

Anarchists End

Griefer decided to invade and refound the region, and kicking everyone out slowly..

A few every day, surely no one would notice?

Wrong. Punishment: DEAT