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Visit Hotel Gonjikana

31-05-2005, 20:37
Good day to all of you. I am the director of Hotel Gonjikana, it is a four star hotel and resort. Everyone is welcome. You don't even have to leave your region, simply come to the forum. Stay as long as you like and invite anyone you want. It is free of charge, even the bar. Anything you desire I will work to give you. Come, stay, relax today at the beautiful Hotel Gonjikana.
01-06-2005, 00:41
Your strange
01-06-2005, 02:45
Your strange
Then you haven't been here very long.
02-06-2005, 02:47
That is correct I have only been playing for around three days, and I started a new region called Valoricaan (which could use some help) I have one veteran who joined up and is helping me out.