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British Clubland Seeks Region

British Clubland
30-05-2005, 17:19
The tiny state of British Clubland ( is currently searching for a region to be part of. We're a new nation, strongly opposed to the UN, wishing instead to take a fully left/liberal approach rather than be governed by larger nations. Looking for a region generally liberal on all viewpoints, if the region has a large clubbing/rave scene even better. Or a load of hippies ;)
30-05-2005, 22:41
Check out Sapientius Sciurus. We're a new region without much determined. You can join the UN, you can stay out. I don't care. I, the regional founder, happen to be a hippy involved in clubbing and my nAtion was started by high political science majors who couldn't get summer internships. I think you'll fit in.