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Looking for a new region

The Red Himalayas
30-05-2005, 15:27
My current region has became over crowded so Im' looking for a very active small region less than 40 nations. I can bring UN support for the delegate and I have experience working on a world fact book and well as a semi-daily new letter that describe the happenings in the region, that featured a welcome wagon, top 10 lists, reader mail, and region statics so I would like for a region to have an off site forum and the region must be real not something like Joe's Kitchen (this is for my Who's Who acticles).
I can bring alot to a small region or one that wants to be more active if you feel your region need a liitle something extra then I'm your man.
30-05-2005, 15:33
COme to the progressive Glenville... we only have 6 members.
30-05-2005, 15:45
Feel free to come to Lancre. We've got just under 40 nations.
30-05-2005, 15:48
Sapientius Sciurus is a small region, in fact it was just recently founded. We are looking for members who wish to take an active role in the formation and establishment of a new, progressive reagion.

Not dedicated to alliances or military gains, we instead seek to develop as a united region. Someone with experience such as yours would be invaluable to our development, and you would have a chance to take a leading role in our development.
Kiru Tao
31-05-2005, 02:24
"Red Himalayas?" HA HA! You'd be perfect for the Asian Continent (!

And indeed, we do have well under 40 members (we're slowly growing to 20) as well as an off-site message board! We also have a regional map. So, come to the proper geographical location, "Red Himalayas," and join the Asian Continent today.
31-05-2005, 03:55
Join the ASSN, we're laid back and only house 11 nations.

President Mackenzie Mason of Logostan
The Freedomless State
31-05-2005, 06:04
We are a small region with only 3 nations. we are looking for only a couple more. positions are filling up fast and we will soon put up a password to ensure that we stay small. i am fairly new and i need someone to help run my region. my other people are well....idiots. are name is suggestive. But to this point we have not fought anyone because i dont know how to... but as region leader i cordially invite you to take a commanding place in my region. please wire me a telegram saying either yes or no to my offer. Thank you for your time.

The Freedomless state
31-05-2005, 20:20
Come into "Your Mum". Stop me keep having to make puerile smutty puns, there's only 2 of us. People keep withdrawing from "Your Mum". Some have even died in "Your Mum". This is terrible, being in "Your Mum" is causing me to become all Freudian and Oedipal. :confused:
31-05-2005, 21:11
Cosmos is a small region with just 18 members (it varies, it's normally about 8-10, but it's now got 18). Our region has very little activity, no forums, or anything for that matter. Only 2 people (me and my friend Optima Justitia) even post on the messageboard anymore. I'm afraid it's rather dull. :(

~Czardas, Supreme Ruler of the Universe
01-06-2005, 00:38
I know this probably sounds very unappealing, but Valoricaan has only one nation and would value any asasistance very much.
Hoi Aristoi
30-06-2005, 07:37
Join Eunomia. It currently houses a diverse bunch of six nations, and features will continually be added, as the region grows. Also, all views are respected, and all forms of government are accepted.
The PGA Recruiter
06-07-2005, 01:48
You would be perfect for 'The Pacifist Greens Alliance', or should I say, The Pacifist Greens Alliance is perfect for you. We only have three nations, but are constantly recruiting.

PGA is a left wing environmentalist region that supports democracy and peace. If you join while we are still small you can choose your own regional government possition, so far we have a President, a Minister for Recruitment, and a Minister for Foreign Affairs...

And we definitely need something extra, we have been recruiting for two months to no avail or yield.

Join us!!
06-07-2005, 10:26
Feel free to come to Lancre. We've got just under 40 nations.

Can i join your region?
English Humour
06-07-2005, 14:35
If you are really as evil as you say, then perhaps you would like to become a part of The Mafia. The Mafia is the ruler of organized crime in NationStates (or at least it will be with you on our side). We accept all sorts of "bad" behavior within our walls. We are to become the largest defender and invader region in NationStates, and right now you have a chance to be one of the first people in The Mafia.

Thank you for your time,
The Masters Of Crime

P.S. We have guns. :sniper: :sniper:
06-07-2005, 16:25
Abokia is a growing region of 15 and we are looking to grow.
06-07-2005, 18:07
The Forgotten Holy Realm currently has 6 members, but we are hoping to find some more nations to join.
We are a fairly active region, with some regional politics, but not too many
Send Leylsh a telegram if you are interested, and I will send you the password! Thanks
06-07-2005, 20:24
I am a member of Frozen Freedom. At present we have 26 nations and we are preparing to have elections soon so if you would like to be active within the region now would be a good time to join. We have our own forum and everyone is very friendly. TG Bitchkitten, our Head Delegate, or Stealers, our Head of Senate for the forum passwords if you decide to join or you require more information.