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Founding of a new alliance

Pimp Headquaters
26-05-2005, 19:50
I officially found the Military Alliance of Free Nations.

The purpose of this alliance is to defend its fellow members against tyranny and oppression from both abroad and internally. The alliance strives to make every single person free and will fight for any nation that is in danger of losing that freedom.

Requirments to get into this newly formed alliance are simple.
- Must be a democratic nation.
- Must not be found to support any organization that supports the repression of people.

As long as you meet these requirments I welcome you to join this alliance.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via tg.
26-05-2005, 20:34
I know it says tg you but this is an important question,? can anyone joiN?
Pimp Headquaters
26-05-2005, 20:57
anyone can join as long as they're a democractic country....all you have to do is mention in this thread that u'd like to join and i'll do a quick check and tell u whether u can or not.
Pimp Headquaters
27-05-2005, 04:35
The Seperatist states
27-05-2005, 04:57
The Federation of the Seperatist States will join your new alliance. We support a small government with mininal regulation.
Pimp Headquaters
27-05-2005, 15:27
I'll check into it and send you an answer via tg asap.
Pimp Headquaters
28-05-2005, 15:55
yep...u've been accepted
Candian World Order
28-05-2005, 16:19
The Armed Republic of Candian World Order would like to joi your alliance we are a democratic socialist
Pimp Headquaters
28-05-2005, 17:37
so far the members of the alliance are:

Pimp Headquaters
Lord Baldwin
Candian World Order
the Seperatist States

the alliance is growing by about two members per day. :)
29-05-2005, 04:45
The United States of Avika requests permission to join this organization catagorized into the league of states catagory. The United States of Avika will accept any and all adventages and disadventages of being in an organization of this scale. Awaiting persission to join.
-president of the United States of Avika
20:45 Pacific Standard Time
Imperal Rome
29-05-2005, 07:26
HA HA this must..... this has to be a joke, there is no need to advertize your regon in the forms untill it is much much larger, u are attracting many predator regons as many as there are, u must build up your nations quickly if u want to servive.
Pimp Headquaters
29-05-2005, 19:55
umm...actually considerin the fact that my region is part of the league of small regions which has about 25 regions as members and this league also has freindly relations with TWP, TSP, and TEP I'm not to worried about a hostile region.

also i'd appreciate it if u would save your stupid posts for some place else as its not appreciated here by anyone.

also i'm not advertisin a region u genious. i'm advertisin an alliance.
29-05-2005, 20:08
Imperal Rome, knock off the flamebaiting. Pimp Headquaters, knock off the flames in response to the flamebaiting. Both of you need to act and post in a civilised manner.

~ Frisbeeteria ~
NationStates Forum Moderator
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Pimp Headquaters
29-05-2005, 20:15 Frisbeeteria not to Imperial Rome
Pimp Headquaters
29-05-2005, 20:50
members so far are as follows:

Pimp Headquaters
Candian World Order
Seperatist Republics
Lady Alanna