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The United Nations?

26-05-2005, 13:10
dont know if this is a new idea but whilst there is a united nations wouldnt the game be abit more fun if there was an axis of evil for all the dicatorships and rouge states?
Cape Carnivale
26-05-2005, 14:12
This has been suggested many, many times before. (and rejected, I am quite sure)

And isn't the UN what people make it anyway, it is just that many people make/accept righteous proposals/resolutions, or am I mistaken?
26-05-2005, 14:20
A few (a few too many for me, but whatever) nations are used according to the actual political beliefs of their creator. I would hope that most people aren't actually evil, and as such the UN has turned into a relatively righteous place. If you wanted to make it evil, you'd just have to convince all those rogue evil nations to join, or to convince liberal nations to turn evil. You can make the UN as good or as evil as you want, I suppose.