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The Republic recruits! (ALL FT nations)

26-05-2005, 02:31
The Republic is a grouping of nation's who come together under the elected senate and help bring order and civilization to the corners of the universe.
There are 9 of us at the moment, Myself, Taledonia (founder, senator) ISF Devostator (Senator), Burgandyne (senator), Nirs, Levka, Korthas, Essjay, and Vampad. We are entirely FT. We help each other in war and peace. We have our own private forum, Forum ( .

We are considering adding new members, if you would like to join our pleasant society, post here. If you are deemed worthy (your not a n00b) You will be given the pass to the region.
Universal Militia
26-05-2005, 08:25
At various local broadcast times all throughout the galaxy, the following announcement can be experienced either in three-dimension, two-dimension, or pure sound imagery, from media-communication channels open to the public for advertising:

On a large and largely barren concrete slab-cum-platform, a sole figure steps up to a hanging microphone. There is a brief trumpet-like fanfare announcing his arrival, and, behind him, a vast gray-on-black flag dwarfs his immense girth. The man's armor, the color of darkly bruised flesh fading into black, does very little to hide his figure: He is as muscular as he is obese, and taller than that. The black-on-bruised armor writhes vaguely; it appears to be nearly, but not quite, organic. For that matter, it appears to be nearly, but not quite, dead. His stubbled pate is squeezed tight by a high, rubbery collar that covers his ears and goes all the way up to his bottom lip. That bottom lip, which has moved into and begun violating the microphone's personal space at this point, is a component in the much larger conspiracy that is the man's mouth: A big, flat, horizontal knife-slash that half-heartedly covers his white teeth from time to time. That wound of a mouth seems to move of its own accord, not the man's. Right now, it is doing just that:

"Greetings, gentlebeings of The Republic," The mouth begins in a wholy amicable and carnivorous tone, like that of an old Earth used-car salesman. When it says 'The Republic', it sounds only a tiny bit spliced on as an afterthought. The man, or his mouth, continues.

"I am Ezruh, representative and Chief Corporate Executive Officer of the interplanetary martial business concern known as the Universal Militia. We are...entrepreneurs....interested in offering you, our fellow nations, our unique skills and services in regards to military applications of 'manpower'. Whether these applications be in defense, offense, or more subtle matters requiring discreetness and gentility, the choice is yours. As a valued client of the Universal Militia, you'll decide how best to apply our abilities." The knife-slash line curves upwards at its ends, bending and flattening further over broad, rectangular white tiles of teeth. The man pauses, here apparently to give the potential client a moment to consider the vague offer.

"We offer said unique martial skills for a very reasonable fee, of course. You will also note, fellow nations, that the entire adult population of the Universal Militia is quite capable of armed service, so that our clients get the greatest potential number of combatants at their disposal." CCEO Ezruh grins again; while it is an unnerving gesture, somehow it does not lack sincerity.

"Finally, I think it safe to say that you will not regret having the Universal Militia at your employ. In fact, I guarantee that any fellow nation who hires our conglomerate of professional soldiers will find in them many benefits, not the least of which is national security/" Ezruh's bulk shifts slightly, and his armor seems to squeek, like rubber, at the emphasis on 'security'.

"You will find proper contact channels listed at the end of this transmission. I thank you, on behalf of the Universal Militia, for your time and consideration, and hope to begin a lucrative business exchange promptly." The man waves, uncharacteristically charismatic for a seeming brute, and strides off the concrete stage. The huge black cloth field, the UM flag, ripples in his wake. Following Ezruh's departure, the screen displays huge, red, bold-faced audio-visual graphics giving proper contact information for the Universal Militia.

The transmission ends.

[OOC] Obviously, I'm trying to play a big nation-corporation of galactic mercenaries. I'm not a complete newbie, this is one of four nations I've got, and I'm fairly experienced in RP. (Do I have to show credentials? Heh-heh.)
26-05-2005, 15:16
[OOC] Okay, seeing that the Universal Militia is my puppet country, I just wanted to make sure that it's clear I'm sort of trying out a parody nation. Now, you may say, "Parody, well, that's not serious role-play!", to which I say, I take all of my parody seriously. And all of my RP seriously, for that matter. So...there. Just wanted to clarify to make sure I'm sticking with the Gameplay forum theme.
26-05-2005, 16:43
Humor is good.
We aren't looking to hire though. Our member nations share everything with eachother free of charge.
How often would you be on as this nation?
Universal Militia
27-05-2005, 00:37
Well, this nation is the one with the most RP potential, I think. I'm on these forums at least four times in a week, if not four times in a day, and switch between my NSs rather often.

I figure the Universal Militia, as a bunch of 'privateers', doesn't necesarilly have to join or be hired by the Republic to...interact with them. Do you have anything in mind?

I'm also considering tailoring a nation for membership in the Republic, but it might be cool if we could treat the Universal Militia as a sort of gnat that continues to pester the Republic and then feigns innocence. "What!? Senator, you insult me! My boys weren't anywhere near those backwater shipping routes, and to even imply such hurts me, it really just stabs me straight to the core. Sniffle." Something along those lines...
27-05-2005, 00:47
We are always intrested in nations to RP with, and yours is just dandy. I don't have any ideas at the moment, but maybe....
Universal Militia
27-05-2005, 01:25
How about we move this to TG? You can throw some RP ideas my way, and I can throw some your way, and we can come to some sort of mutual agreement. That way I won't wind up monopolizing a potential role-play exchange. I'm not above having my nation get kicked around a bit, just so long as it's not completely dissolved. Thanks!

*Makes room for Nations who want to join the Republic*

C'mon, people! Join today.
27-05-2005, 11:10
It had been an extended debate within the Cabinet after an otherwise short discussion in the Planetary Senate. Governor Delaide had forwarded on the treaty to King Naven and after the four hours of debate the isolationist faction had been decidedly out-debated by the pro-Republicans. Naven was eager to have Nhaboo re-engage with the off-world. It would certainly help revive the otherwise sagging economy, not to mention the possibility of modernising the aging armed forces technology. There was however a twitching, subconsciousness that seemed to be unsettled by signing the treaty and it would take the King several days to decide he couldn’t explain the feeling of uneasiness he had begun to feel, an undermining of his supreme confidence in his ability to rule.

“I the elected Monarch of the United Planet of Nhaboo ratify upon my signature the formal request of sovereign Nhaboo to join The Republic. In the spirit of democracy, liberty and prosperity – King Naven”

OOC: So how about it? I promise to save you all from having to encounter with Ja Ja Binks – on account that this Nhaboo is a parallel planet set a little forward in time. I’m setting up for a revolution under the arrogant leadership of King Naven which will result in the formation of the republic of Nhaboo.
27-05-2005, 19:07
sounds good to me. Hey, I've got an idea. What if your arrogant leader starts a war with us? Then, after we start to smash the military to bits, there is a revolution and you join peacefully?
27-05-2005, 19:37
sounds good to me. Hey, I've got an idea. What if your arrogant leader starts a war with us? Then, after we start to smash the military to bits, there is a revolution and you join peacefully?

That's a good idea, you two should go ahead and do that. Kazecistan, in the midst of said war, one of the Republic's over-zealous generals could completely and utterly wipe out the entire population of Gungans. Or Nhaboo's version of Gungans, however he spells it.

Kazecistan, I TGed a response to you under the Universal Militia name.