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Xanthal seeks region. Inquire within.

25-05-2005, 05:46
Alright, I'll keep this simple. I want a region that fulfills the following requirements.

-Has a member base that roleplays on the forums.
-Is composed of future/space nations and/or nations that accept future technology in roleplaying on the forums.
-Is open-admission (not alliance affiliated).
-Accepts UN-affiliated and non-UN-affiliated nations.
-Has a significant number of members (preferably between 20 and 100).
-Has a diverse set of members.
-Is not wholly composed of new nations.

If you think your or another region would fill this need, please let me know by posting here so that I may investigate. Thank you.
25-05-2005, 11:09
i think my region fits ur demand- i am new to it but some have been there for ages- we have un and non un nations, and a busy forum. come and have fun!!!! :D
26-05-2005, 03:14
Thanks for the offer, but your region isn't really what I'm looking for. Any other offers?
26-05-2005, 12:06
Lemme see. My region, The Cluster, is comprised of three nations, all of which were created in the past month, by me....

It suits your needs perfectly! It's actually sort of antithetical to what you're looking for. I think the only thing I've got going for me is potential, and role-play experience (About nine years worth.).

Not that anyone here even pays attention to me.

The Cluster is semi-satirical. Take a look at it, it might make you laugh. Or whatever.... You're welcome here, of course, but I doubt it's what you want.
26-05-2005, 19:36
My region is very lacking in members. (has 6) It once had many, but they all stopped NationStates. It has friendly members, we accept all RP techs and I just finished version one of our own regional news service. (work in progress still though). Feel free to take a look, but I don't think it's what you're looking for.
27-05-2005, 16:03
My region, Wysteria, is lush and green for the most part, with mostly centrist or left-leaning members. However, I absolutely destroyed my nation's environment, I am radically right in my governmental style, and I rule with an iron fist. There are others like me in the 291 nations in this region, so you should have no problem fitting in no matter who you are. We are for the most part very active RPers, and have a different website for regional members where they can RP within Wysteria itself.

Our UN delegate, The Green and Pleasant Dominion of The Bruce, keeps us informed on all matters going on in the UN (I'm not a member, but there are others who are). We are allied with two other regions and are composed of nations of all different types- some nations are really new and show it... a bit too much... and some are old and experienced. I believe that The Bruce has about 5 and a half billion citizens, while you can look for about two minutes and find a handful of five million-pop nations. I think we fit your bill nicely. Awaiting reply.
27-05-2005, 22:52
I believe that your region is suitable, as long as it accepts future-tech nations. Is this the case?
29-05-2005, 06:18
Okay, moving to Wysteria, until and unless I find something better.
29-05-2005, 15:03

I have two words for you 'Scroll Islands'. The region is extremely active and have recently had some very interesting RP's. We are welcome to new RP's and we definately support future tech nations!

We are 105 nations large not too big not too small but we are growing. We are just rounding up our elections and have a strong background of experienced nations:

- Neo England
- Ellandar
- Unlimited (1nept)
- The Faeyas
- Altea (Tiburon) - A very experienced roleplayer.

I trust that our credentials are what you are looking for, please feel free to join us in Scroll Islands!

Cheers - Mnemovore
30-05-2005, 01:29
I believe that your region is suitable, as long as it accepts future-tech nations. Is this the case?

Apologies for the late response. Yes, we accept FT nations.