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What does...

23-05-2005, 17:45
...."New York Times Democracy" mean?
It looks like an expression but as i dont live in the U.S i dont know what expressions they use daily..
From what i searched in google it looks like you use that to say a country without rules?

But i wanna be sure.

Thanks :)

Note: Yeah almsot everything i dont know about i ask google :P

Damn... sorry i just saw another thread with this info.. but i searched and didnt find it..

I know i can delete this but..i want to let the admins decide that in this case.
Tuesday Heights
23-05-2005, 18:45
This ( is a breakdown of all the UN categories and what they mean in relation to NS.
23-05-2005, 19:28
New York Times Democrasies have medium personal freedoms, medium economic freedoms, and libertarian political freedoms.
23-05-2005, 19:38
A New York Times democracy is a nation that has a sensible mix of economic and personal freedoms, but is freer in political freedoms and allows its people to vote for whomever they want in frequent and open elections. A lot like the USA ought to be, if it weren't for the innate corruption of politicians.

~Czardas, Supreme Ruler of the Universe