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Looking for an RP region

21-05-2005, 20:26
I'm new around here and I was wondering if anyone could suggest a region for me. I just want to be with some nations that enjoy RPing war, trade, and such. I've looked at a few already, but I'm still on the lookout for more. Any suggestions would be greatly appericated.
21-05-2005, 20:36
Come to my Region, Corneria. We like to RP.
21-05-2005, 20:51
Hey, come to Greater California. It's really great. We're just now doing Regional Elections for the President of the Regional Senate, and there has so far been on military conflict. One of out Nations is in the middle of a Civil War, but that's completely internal. Me and one other nation have sent them aid, but it's really kinda small. But we're always looking for good RPing people. You should Join Greater California.

Bennidor Ponde.
21-05-2005, 22:43
Name of Region: The Consortium of Shadows
Founder: Risban
UN Delegate: Risban
Member States: 12 (at the time of this post)
Map: Not yet. We are currently in the process of gathering the geographic descriptions of each member state and creating a detailed political map of the region.
NSWiki Page: Yes, it was recently created and is slowly being peiced together.
Current Regional News: Green Sun is being invaded by Fluffywuffy.

We're a small region, but growing rapidly. We've gained more members this month alone than we have since November.
There are several active RolePlayers in the region as well: Risban, Green Sun, Willink, (Pax Topaz?), and Sodalitas de Umbras (formerly Society of Shadows). Several of the other members may as well, but I have not seen them yet personally. So, if you enjoy RPing, then this may be a good thing.
Cape Carnivale
22-05-2005, 01:34
The Tradelands, Eternal Dimensions, are two RPing regions that come to mind.
Shadowstorm Imperium
22-05-2005, 01:43
Shadowstorm Imperium Ruins ( welcomes RPing nations.
Kiru Tao
22-05-2005, 01:54
Asian Continent ( was created with roleplaying specifically in mind. The roleplay spans in a range from inside the region, and out of the region with three others. Just another choice to consider.