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Question on Natives

18-05-2005, 09:00
How long do you have to be in a region to become a native of that region?

Also if your region is being invaded, can you eject all the invaders?

If you can point me to a thread with the invasion I would be most grateful.

Cause my region is being invaded and I am trying to defend. I ejected 3 people that showed up in the last 20 hours. One of them had moved in just to endorse one of the invadees. So when I ejected him the person he endorsed lost the endorsment.

And I have password protected it. But I need to know when one becomes native that way I know who have to give the password to.
18-05-2005, 09:54
Invasion rules aren't solid, and I think are under review.

I am confident you can eject any invaders in an invasion.

Nativity seems a touchy issue though, maybe you could ask about specific cases on the moderation forum as to whether they are native, and who/if you have to give the password to.
Chibi chibi
18-05-2005, 10:08
nativity isn't solid and indeed tricky. it uually isn't a matter of how long someone is in a region, but whther someone considers that region "home" or is just there to take over the place.

if you are a native delegate (or internally elected, to do dear coggy a favor), you can however ban a few natives. invaders can be ejected and banned at will. (invaders in the moderation terms, not in the invader-defender terms, so all non-natives).

so the big question is...are you a native delegate, or not? xml feed anyone? i'm at chool and can't get to the link..
18-05-2005, 10:15
im a delagate, so how do i ban people?
Dundee East
18-05-2005, 10:20
im a delagate, so how do i ban people?

I think (if I can remember correctly) when you eject someone from the region, they are automatically put on the ban list (and can be removed from the ban list via the region control panel)

EDIT: But of course, if the founder has barred delegate access to the region control panel you can't eject/ban anyone
Chibi chibi
18-05-2005, 10:21
seeing as how your region has a founder, you can only do this when your founder allows delegate acess to regional control.

there is a link then under the delegate's and founder's name called [regional control]

there you find a droplist with all nations in the region in which you can select the one you want to eject (and ban). for regions of more than 100 nations, this is a field in which you can type or copepaste the name into.