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Looking For A Region

15-05-2005, 20:54
I have been playing NS for a while now but have got tired of my current region. I am looking for a to join a small to medium size region
Ness Snorlaxia
15-05-2005, 21:28
Try Hyrule. It's basically medium-sized, about 60 nations reside there.
For more information, click here! (
15-05-2005, 21:37
15-05-2005, 21:37
I just moved into a silly place, and it seems most hospitable. Nice people, good fun.
Kiru Tao
16-05-2005, 03:49
Perhaps you consider the Asian Continent? We're a small region with almost a comfy air about it. We even have a regional map and message board and ties held with three other regions.

Asian Continent (
16-05-2005, 13:15
I suppose it would be negligent of me not to put forward Scroll Islands, a friendly, casual region of almost 80 nations? :)
16-05-2005, 13:57
Come to Abokia we are growing and let in a mix of different nations.
16-05-2005, 13:57
Join us, join us! We're medium sized, probably. Well most of us are though a few are quite tall and one or two are quite small indeed!

17-05-2005, 01:09
Try China were are medium sized 60 nations, we are getting ready to have some elections, and there is all ways room for one more just tell them Lao Pan sent me!
17-05-2005, 01:21
Well, we're new, but if you govern the way we do, you can be in on the ground floor of something great, join The Iron Fist.
Pope Hope
18-05-2005, 01:48
Greetings! Nasicournia is always looking for friendly new neighbors. :) Here's some information on our region for your perusal (and added my own nation description at the end as an example of the values of just one of our residents):

Gameplay invitation thread (

The region of Nasicournia (

Nasicournia forum (

NS Wiki Entry (

The nation of Pope Hope ( )
18-05-2005, 09:48
Well, I've mentioned us in a few threads recently, but:

Tir Nan Og

We are a small region; not too active at the moment. The password is "speranza".

The nation of Pope Hope ( hope)
That seems more vanity than anything else. :p
Pope Hope
18-05-2005, 22:17
Actually I included it after one person looking for a new region asked to see an example of nations in our region. However, nations in our region are quite diverse, so you're right, I should remove that part from now on. :cool:
18-05-2005, 22:29
Do not join lapland! It sucks.
19-05-2005, 09:03
join 'The Pacifist Greens Alliance'!

PGA is still small (only two nations) so if you join i will give you a government possition no questions asked if you want one. We are allies with 'The Anumist Alliance 2' and the 'Neo Socialist Alliance' and are a member of the 'Covenant of Regions', please join us!! we need people!

The Nomadic Peoples of Pheta (
The Nomadic Greens Alliance (
19-05-2005, 23:30
if anyone is looking for a region, they're welcome to join my region of suspendia. i'm a major music geek, and if any musicians are out there it'd be great to have some more musicians join up.
20-05-2005, 19:09
Name of Region: The Consortium of Shadows
Founder: Risban
UN Delegate: Risban
Member States: 8 (at the time of this post)
Map: Not yet. We are currently in the process of gathering the geographic descriptions of each member state and creating a detailed political map of the region.
NSWiki Page: Yes, it was recently created and is slowly being peiced together.
Current Regional News: Green Sun is being invaded by Fluffywuffy.

We're a small region, but growing rapidly. We've gained more members this month alone than we have since November.
There are several active RolePlayers in the region as well: Risban, Green Sun, Willink, (Pax Topaz?), and Sodalitas de Umbras (formerly Society of Shadows). So, if you enjoy RPing, then this may be a good thing.