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Reminder Regarding Copycat Threads

01-05-2005, 19:47
The One-Stop Rules Shop (

... is a new compliation of all the rules of NationStates, both Games and Forums.

Click the link above to read the Moderation topic. Comments welcome.

Highly recommended for all NationStates players and posters in ALL forums.
13-05-2005, 12:02
Ladies and gents, if we see too many of a "trend thread", we will lock some of them.

16-06-2005, 04:49
We don't wanna become a bunch of killjoy mods, so rather than having us lock your new "Wanna become a ... thread, just don't start it.
18-06-2005, 05:11
Let's put the official kibosh on the resurging "Ask a ... whatever" threads again. They've been banned at least twice, and they seem to be starting once again.

"Ask a ..." threads will be locked, moved to spam, deleted, or whatever the mod feels is appropriate. Spam warnings and forumbans may be issued for egregious offenders.

That is all.

~ Frisbeeteria ~
NationStates Forum Moderator
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