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Need help making a map for Sidestreamer

30-04-2005, 02:49
I'm terrible with photoshop and I'm having a difficult time working AutoREALM, so I'm finally doing the desperate act... soliciting for help.

Have any of you previously created a map for your own nation? If you have, what program would you suggest and how do you do it? I have AutoREALM and Photoshop, and all I know in Photoshop is how to create simple .ai paths and how to touch-up existing photos (air brushes, burn/shade, that kind of thing)....
01-05-2005, 00:34
I created a map using AppleWorks 6.0, although a not very good one. You can also create a map using Paint on Windows, draw one and then scan it in, or...well....ask someone else.

If it's any help, there are a bunch of paint programs that you can buy to create more elaborate pictures; a friend has something called Corell something-or-other that has a whole lot of functions including one that inserts cutouts of trees.
06-05-2005, 06:21
Looks like I'll just make some island from Paint... thanks.