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REGION: The Federation Of The People

29-04-2005, 21:49
Are you as fed up with the UN as I am? Tired of foreign powers controlling the decisions that affect your country every day? Thankfully there is now a region you can turn to: The Federation Of The People. Here is a sample of some recent legislation that was drafted in order to ensure our full isolation from the UN:
The UN exists as a way for the nations of the world to come together and vote on issues that affect their collective association. While this does sound good in theory, the UN has shown to be an inneffective way of regulating nations that would voluntarily do so otherwise.

RECOGNIZING that nobody is forced to join the UN;

CONSIDERING that non-member nations will not abide by UN regulations;

AWARE that member nations can resign at any point;

REALIZES if a member nation feels strongly enough about an issue it will leave the UN in order to regulate itself;

REITERATING the lack of power the UN has over member nations;

MANDATES all member nations of the region of The Federation Of The People will not be part of the UN;

RECOGNIZING that members of the region of The Federation Of The People may already be part of the UN;

COMPROMISING that all members of the UN in The Federation Of The People be given 24 hours from their time of discovery to quit the UN;

EJECTING all member nations of The Federation Of The People that fail to comply with the above mandate or compromise.

Thank you for your time and considering our region (TO COME: Webpage, Regional Polling).

-Chairman Maoi Zwan, The People's Republic of Sokalista