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The Greater Barren

The Vyrfolk
29-04-2005, 09:45
The Greater Barren is now open to newcomers.

"The Greater Barren is a vast and arid land. Life here is short and harsh, and food is scarce. However, the hostile landscape proves a fertile breeding-ground for rich and varied cultures, cultivating a zest for life in stark contrast to the bleak terrain. People of all nations are welcome to carve out a piece of this hot and horrid place, but be warned: existence isn't easy."

We're focusing on desert-themed nations, but others may join if they're willing to explain how their population came to settle in an enourmous sand-trap and roleplay the difficulty adjusting. A bit of roleplay here and there is essential.

This whole thing's just for a bit of fun, so non-UN nations are perfectly welcome.

Warfare (only roleplayed, of course) within the region is expected as nations vie furiously for scarce resources and oases.

We want to keep this small and intimate, roughly under 20 players, but until then no password is required. There are presently only two players, plenty of room.

Various titles and political offices are currently being drafted, and there should be enough for almost everyone to have their own special little something.

For any other information contact myself or the founder (Ikarga) via telegram.

Abittai Koskar
Speaker for the Efir of the Allied States of the Vyrfolk
The Vyrfolk
05-05-2005, 10:00
I'm bumping just this once, because I think this could be a really interesting gaming experience.
If nobody is interested, I won't waste any more of your time by bumping again.