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The City of London?

26-04-2005, 23:36
Does anyone know what's happened to the "City of London" region? I am unable to access it, and the nations I had in that region have gone to the region of "0". I don't see any comment on their forum. Does anyone know what happened, or if this is a server problem?

There were rumours of a raider plan to attack the region last night, but as of 7 hours ago the region was present.
26-04-2005, 23:43
I hear that there is a glitch in nationstates with some regions just disappearing and all the nations within it going also.
26-04-2005, 23:51
I've just read the thread in the technical forum. It seems this is part of a much wider problem, and it isn't some invading terrorists blowing up the entire City with a nuclear device, which was my initial hypothesis...