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"Zie Region" - History and miscellanious

21-04-2005, 09:46
This si a thread primarly directed towards the members of the Region, so that we may have a little place to talk :)

On the 19th of April, 2005 The Holy Empire of Kroppsj founded the NS Region "Zie Region".

Shortly after, aquaintances of Kroppsj joined the region. Per the 20th of April The Nations of Reak, Allomos, Insanium Coconotum, SS Barnebyer, and Utdedo was located in ZR.

Not many hours after, Vitabellum, a most extraordinary nation joined our thriving region.

Today, the 21th of April the region strives to create a well-running Council whom will take care of all the regions Domestic and Foreing matters. I, Anarion Elen- Head of the Holy Empire of Kroppsj suggests that the Council will be represented by 3 representants from each member nation, and an additional rep. for the nation who has the UN delegacy.