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Venerable libertarians
19-04-2005, 23:04
The following is an advertisement for the UNO Human resources department.

Further to the Passing of UN Resolution #96 "UNWODC" the IRCO , funded initially by the members of the United Nations seek aplications of the Following staff to fill vacancies in the Select committee implementing and administrating The United Nations World Organ Donor Center, to the final hand over to the IRCO administration once completed.

The following Positions are to be filled.

1,Buildings Liason : Charged with the task of finding or having a purpose built premises for the UNWODC, Overseeing its Construction / renovation and providing all the nessessary services for the UNWODC to run efficiently.

2,Financial Liason : Charged with the Initial Funding of the Project and setting budgets for the other agents.

3,Communications Liason : Charged with building the Central database and installation and commishioning of the Central Network.

4,Donor Scheme Liason : Charged with finding existing national schemes and having them plied to the New UNWODC. Having the donor cards printed and worded and liasing with nations regarding the shipping and dispersal of the cards.

5,Medical Liason :Charged with setting up and handling of the Harvesting of organs and designating Medical facilities in each region where the opperations may be safely carried out to international standards.

6,Transport Liason : Charged with setting up and utilising where existing routes and transports for the UNWODC couriers to use wither governmental or private courier. Securing safe passage through all Nations of the NS world for any UNWODC courier.

All applicants must have knowledge pertaining to the task applied to and all applications are to be Posted to the UNO in the correct forum.

Apply Here to work for the UNWODC! Click this Link! (

The UNO and all bodies within are an equal oppertunities Employer.
Venerable libertarians
22-04-2005, 03:28
bump. See First post.
We are looking to RP the implementation of this resolution.