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how do i invite people into my own region??

Naboo the Great
17-04-2005, 20:15
i have just created my own region but i have no idea how to add other nations to that!!! :(
Crazy girl
17-04-2005, 20:39

there are some rules to this though...

you can only recruit nations from the pacifics and the rejected realms

so, only

the pacific
the east pacific
the west pacific
the south pacific
the north pacific
the rejected realms

please remember the "the" in those names, without it are playercreated regions, advertising there can get you in trouble.

in those regions, you can post an ad on the regional message board, or telegram one at the nations in those regions.
17-04-2005, 23:01
also you can recruit in the region spam.
17-04-2005, 23:48
Another good way to recruit members is to create a thread in here (Gameplay) about why people should join your region. When others start to join your region, it's suggested that you keep some sort of organization to it, such as a leader, a VP, and things like that, kinda like the leadership of a country; however, that's all up to you. You can organize it however you'd like. Create a thread and talk about how great your region is, and how active it will be if people join it. I'd suggest reading some other threads in here to get an idea of what other people want in a region.