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Official Defender Region Statement

Gaian Ascendancy
17-04-2005, 19:31
Mods, feel free to move this thread is necessary. This is 'not' a flame, despite interpretation possibly used. This is a statement against tactics used by less than honorable nations, and we wish to (in rp character as well) press the issue loud and clear.


From: Gaian Holy Council
To: All nations reading regardless of affiliated status; defender or aggressor region type.

Subject: Anger at dispicable acts of sabotage.

It has come to my attention, that the ADN founder nation Pope Hope, has been the target of a slander campaign by the following means. It seems there is a nation posing as a puppet nation of Pope Hope, and then going around espouting defender regions as aggressor instead. Our allied region Islyan Plains has come under this type of attack, and we as the Founders of the Eternal Dimensions Region denounce this act as a cowardly and dishonorable act in the name of blemishing two good names in the analls of defnder region mindset.

Our region, a full member of the ADN, categorically denounces this for what it all is. Pure slander, and the nation(s) involved feel of at least at a minimum, a miniscule amount of remorse for this act. In fact this declaration extends to ALL such acts of subtrifuge, splaying all as pathetic attempts, and one that makes simply spying seem unseemly.

All past, present and future acts under this kind of tact, is denounced, and deplored, and will be wached for by all participating defender regions, for as long as such regions exist. We also support Pope Hope and the region Isylan Plains as for what they are, and what they have proven themselves to be: DEFENDERS. This nation of Gaian Ascendancy, and we as the region of Eternal Dimensions, and a full member of ADN, state this here and now, regardless of any flame or discord it causes.

For the acts that destroy stability for all regions is what we dispise the most, and will not allow to continue to occur.

Protectorate Regards,

Lord Excellency Aleaic Saloam Kerensky
Gaian Ascendancy First Throne
Founder of Eternal Dimensions Region