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A Church Region.

Nova Calabria
16-04-2005, 00:37
My Fellow Members of NationStates,

Since the death of Pope John Paul II, I have taken an interest in the organization, tradition, etc. of the Catholic Church. However, I have decided to take a hand at creating a church-like region in NationStates. Therefore, I was wondering if anyone would join a region based upon either a Christian Church, a Non-Denominational, or a Regional version of the Roman Catholic Church. One I get pull together 10 or 20 people, I shall hold a Synod to discuss the organization of the Church, the beliefs, the traditions, and all other religious, and even political, issues. There is only one stipulation: I shall be the leader of this Church. So please, as Pope John Paul II put it "Do not be afraid." Join today! Any one interested please post here, and/or telegram me.

Nova Calabria

*P.S. This will not be an actual Church if you are wondering. It shall be, practically, a role-playing Church/religion/order/etc. Your ideas are also welcome, but save the good ones for the First Synod.
16-04-2005, 01:10
Well, even though I am a Catholic I figure I'd actually be in a compleatly non-denominational monothesiastic church. My thoughs are that anybody, no matter their religion can get into Heavan, Purgatory or Hell. Those that do worship God [By this I refere to the Jewish/Christian/Islamic God]. I like to think that if you allow worship into your life you are a little ahead in God's eye, but everybody is given the chance to enter Heavan if they act...well good.
16-04-2005, 02:40
So are you God then or what?
Nova Calabria
16-04-2005, 03:03
The Hell did you get that notion. I'm not God at all, I'm anything but. My position would be like a pope or patriarch. God (or a god) is something beyond human comprehension and something divine. I'm just a human trying to do some research through experiement.
16-04-2005, 03:09
So are you God then or what?
God Himself (, not Nova Calabria (, is the Founder of Heaven ( Obvious, really, when you think about it.

Oh, if you visit Hell (, you'll see that Satan is actually dead. So all's right with NationStates overall.
24-04-2005, 13:24
LOL!Now Thats alot of laughs(italian way)
I am protestent, but Non-denominational(either one)is ok.