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Good Morning! You've Been Ejected!!

New Eirebekistan
11-04-2005, 15:55
been getting my feet wet in NS, trying to build up a nice, happy little dictatorship, and am shocked when i log in this morning to find that my nation of New Eirebekistan has been ejected from the frozen expanse of Siberia.

how/why did that happen? i can't seem to find the reasoning behind this ...
Blocks and boxes
11-04-2005, 22:28
Sometimes there isn't it a reason. It was a descision made by the founder and/or the un delegate if the delagate is granted that power.
11-04-2005, 23:58
Looks like the DEN invaded your region.

This matter has been referred to the Alliance Defense Network.
New Eirebekistan
14-04-2005, 14:20
DEN? Alliance Defense Network? HUH?
Crazy girl
14-04-2005, 18:13
DEN? Alliance Defense Network? HUH?

DEN is an invader group. they take delegacy of a region with no founder, a dead founder, or of which the founder forgot to disable regional control for the delegate or who is out the region, giving the delegate access to the regional controls (changing the world factbook, ejecting and banning nations, unbanning them, passwordprotecting the region..). this way they can control the region, and have invaded it.

ADN, or alliance defense network is an alliance of regions who use their UN members to liberate these regions from the invaders like DEN, giving the controls back to a native, preferably the one who was in control before the invasion.
14-04-2005, 20:34
Aha! That explains the slightly confusing telegram I recieved today, and the slew of jolly roger-beflagged nations that have been joining our region over the past few days.

Hopefully our region of UserFriendlia is strong and cohesive enough to repel these invaders, especially since I've secured the regional borders.

but I shall remember this organization of yours if our defensive maneuvering fails.

The Bitewaldian Ambassador, delegate from UserFriendlia