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Any want some smart healthy models in there region?

Smart healthy models
06-04-2005, 11:10
After my sudden burst of activity on the forums (Yes 5 whole posts today!) I've decided its time I joined a region.

My nation has a population of ... *Checks* 2.637 Billion people. After various attempts at starting my own region, Recruiting about 15 people, then getting bored and running off. I need somewhere to settle down!

I've played NS for a while now. About a year and 1/3 I think. I've always figured I'd make a good ambassador. So if any regions have any diplomatic/foreign relation offices open, I'm interested. I'd like a active region with nice people. Preferably defender rather than invader, I'd like to do some intelligence work (I'll do it badly, but it could be fun!) ANyway, if theres a region which fits all this I'll be very lucky. Please post here if you'd like me to join you! Or telegram me as I'll probably forget I made the post.

- Smart healthy Models (President Ellie. I'm female, not a feminist)