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How Do You Find The Newest Players In Nationstates???

Smelly Sunday Tweed
05-04-2005, 13:55
How do you find the newest states?? I got invites when I was a newbie, and now need to do some recruiting!
05-04-2005, 14:13
Advertising your region is only allowed in the feeder regions (The Pacific, The North Pacific, The East Pacific etc. and Lazarus and The Rejected Realms) and the Gameplay forum. New players generate in the Pacific regions.
05-04-2005, 16:12
i need to know how cuz i started a new region and i need nation to join my region.
Smart healthy models
06-04-2005, 10:43
Firstly, write up a decent recruitment telegram. Use proper spelling and grammar and DON'T talk lik diz.

Then if you go Any of the Pacific regions (The Pacifc, The West Pacific, The East Pacific, The South Pacific, The Dictatorsip-government... Sorry the North Pacifc, or the Rejected realms (Or lazarus now)). If you scroll down to the bottom/middle of the page theres the 'Regional happenings' They'll be a list of nations just been founded. Send messages to them.

You can also post messages on the Regional HQ. However I think the rules permit only 1 a day and no more than 15 lines.

Also, Might be helpful.