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Central Europe

05-04-2005, 06:12
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* <NAME>central europe</NAME>
* <FACTBOOK>Central Europe is the region of Europe that is considered Eastern by Western Europe and Western by Eastern Europe. It is a culturally rich and diverse region, undergoing mass political change. A new order seems to have taken hold, with new nations rising to cabinet administration positions. Minister of Defense: Kamikachidonia</FACTBOOK>
* <NATIONS>kamikachidonia: saylorville: sotham: ceska_drahy: verschlict: schleswig-flensburg: moozilla: herdstfelt: westensee: hidahow: realm_of_saint_matthew: ghenovia: ktownlandz: planet_punk: pukapokabomb: algeriar: borisburg: jan_zapletal: hunnlandia: ultrasilvania: gunister: the_antarctican_people: liberal_beliefs: chinamanland: the_mycon: dastardly_deeds_deux: eagles_disobey: sharantyr: emporer_ed: crafty_nonsense: spam_eater: estayland: boolari: caras_way: klington: hockeynutville: emporer_barbarossa: nolaerie: greek_people_nation: sinister_ministerz</NATIONS>
* <DELEGATE>kamikachidonia</DELEGATE>
* <FOUNDER>republic_of_salo</FOUNDER>

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Nations having been in the region the longest are listed first -- but one aspect of determining nativity.