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UN Peacekeepers
01-04-2005, 17:37
As the new regional delegate of the old region The Kingdom of the Midlands, it is my duty to bring immigration to this glorious region which has seen greater days. Many of the nations currently in the region have been in it for over a year and most new members are puppets while old members are slowly dying off. However, recently my other nation (Nanakaland, not in the UN) has brought back the map (with some slight modifications to the old map to make it larger) and has created new forums (the old TKotM forums have been long dead, back when the main admin and region cartographer - Last Anarchy Order - left NationStates).

Now, with the delegacy, UN Peacekeepers is setting up an advertizing campaign to make people aware of this old region before it dies off. Why move into The Kingdom of the Midlands? I have many reasons:

Safety and Security
Password protected to prevent gameplay invasions.
A massive roleplay alliance of all members that includes mutual defense.
At over 20 members, it's large enough to be safe but small enough for everyone to be noticed.

Smart Forums
Using InvisionFree, one of the most trusted and used off-NationStates forums by the NationStates community.
Unique level access system with over ten levels of security makes it so private regional information stays private.
Forum layout makes it easy to know exactly where your post goes.

Amazing Map
Simple to view and yet complex enough to include any nation that wants to be on the map.
Easy to expand to the south and northeast if all of the map slots are filled.

There are many more reasons, too, including a friendly community of the region members and fun wargames that can be possible within the region.

To join The Kingdom of the Midlands, you must first move to the region entitled TKotM Immigration where your membership will be speedily verified and then you will be given the password for the region. Exceptions may be made to friends or puppet nations of current region members.
Independent Hitmen
05-04-2005, 12:53
ka bump!
Sovereign UN Territory
05-04-2005, 14:22
No. This has nothing to do with the actual topic. But I couldn't resist. Consider it to be a friendly bump. Nothing wrong with disguising a bump in an IC fashion, no?

The Halls of the UN, Sovereign UN territory, Office of the UN's Secretary-General, Catherine Gratwick

"Oi." It was her only reaction to the news she suddenly found on her table. "I thought resolutions regarding an UN army were... Illegal?"

"So is your very existence, Catherine..." The voice came from the man in front of her, a middle-aged, friendly, latin face holding an AK 47 knockoff lacking an ammunition clip (Catherine's organisation suffered from budget problems. in fact, it had suffered from them for a long time, and as such, she wasn't exactly able to keep up with her plans. Yes, in the advertisements, in the commercials, the live of an evil overlord was portrayed as a dream, with lots of beautiful women (And men) surrounding one, serving one while the only thing one did was giving orders while escaping the british top spy again and again. Unfortunately, reality was differing all so slightly from this beautyful image).

"True, Estrades. Well... I guess it's a chance. I mean, they are kind of supposed to be our... Military branch, no?"

"I, well..."

"What?" Her voice was sharp, cold. She was seemingly annoyed.

"They don't need to... I mean... We don't have the means of enforcing such."

Catherine looked at Estrades, straight into his eyes. A pair of legs started quivering. "True. You may leave now, Estrades."

"Yes, Ma'am."

Estrades turned on his heels, quickly leaving the office. Catherine smiled, then pressed the red button. She almost climaxed as she listened to the screams of the man who just had ended up as fodder for her mutant, oversized carnivorous plants.

Estrades didn't watch, but he understood the warning. Next time, he would have to show less spine than he had shown today.