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A Question

30-03-2005, 14:56
Why the use of a left-right political outlook instead of the Nolan-chart which is more practical and better defining of ones political stance?
30-03-2005, 15:19
Who is using the left/right spectrum?

Most people here prefer

The onlt reference to left I can think of in the game is having a left leaning college state. Though I'm probably utterly wrong here.
Objet dart
30-03-2005, 20:56
I myself have never even heard of the nolan-chart. I suppose the point I'm trying to make is that people are more familiar with the left-right thing. (possibly simpler, I wouldn't know)
30-03-2005, 23:55
The left/right spectrum of politics is what the game uses to determine political outlook based on your choices.

The nolan-chart can be found here ( and was developed by David Nolan, the founder of the modern Libertarian Party. I find it's a more accurate measure of one's political stance then the left/right spectrum that is so prevelant.
31-03-2005, 08:12
But you see. I really could not be bothered answering a quiz.

I guess I don't really care where I, or my nation formally stand relative to others.