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When exactly can I (legitimately) say I am an economic superpower?

Evil Woody Thoughts
23-03-2005, 22:36
I ask this because I expect my GDP to hit $50 trillion tomorrow (by Thirdgeek's reckoning) and would looooooooove to celebrate by having my Ministry of Economics make a somewhat pompous celebration statement in II. If not tomorrow, then the next day. My GDP is nearly $45K per capita, about 15% higher than that of the RL United States, and my currency is stronger than the RL British pound. Needless to say, I am quite happy with these accomplishments. :D And my nation contributes slightly more than a fifth of the Gross Regional Product, even though there are roughly eighty-five nations in the region.

So, at what point can I consider myself an economic superpower without being branded a n00b? Of course, some nation who started the day after NS came online and therefore has three billion more people than me will probably come along to say "I pwn ur st0ck mark3t," but under this logic, is it even possible to become an economic superpower (because an older nation that cares about its economy will inevitably have a bigger economy than mine)?
Santa Barbara
23-03-2005, 23:07
...when you join our fine region, The Tradelands!

It's as legitimate as whoever agrees with your announcement. There are no hard rules that define what it means to be an economic superpower, at least none that everyone can agree on.

It depends also on this - in relation to what? Superpowers can't exist in isolation. They need lesser powers. NS has sure got a lot of economically powerful nations. It's hard to classify pretty much any of these NS fictional superstates as mere 'powers' in today's RL terms.

I never got my certificate telling me I was legitimately an economic superpower, and I probably never will. :)