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problems with gameplay

New age guilds
22-03-2005, 22:18
i have been playing this game for a while now (about a year and a half) and ever since i started playing theree ahs been a nigaling message in the back of my mind. i never fully adressed this, as i was to busy on my regions forum (10k islands) and, more recently, playing counter strike source, but tody, after answering 3 issues, it hit me.

there is no way in this game to completly have a government style u want. for example, even though i have outlawed buissnes, and my tax is up to 100%, people are still asking for maternity leave, and buissneses are saying that they shouldnt get it. this is all wrong. the mother wouldnt get any maternity leave becaiuse it would all be taxed and she already gets it from the government. secondly, there are NO buisneses in my nation.

is there anyway of changing this.

i would like to hear your veiws, and answers from the mods.

thanx, new age gulds
23-03-2005, 00:30
This is really just a fundamental problem of the game that cannot really be changed. I don't think that it is possible, as almost all of the issues have something with a business in them. Until we get thousands of issues, making the validity clause in the issue contain "only applies to nations with businesses" would limit the issues that apply to nations like yours and mine very much. We might only get twenty or thirty issues.
23-03-2005, 02:34
It's a simple little political satire game that was designed to help sell books. That's all it was ever intended to be, and that's still pretty much what it is.

NationStates will never be a realistic game. There are just too many fundamental changes needed to make it so, and doing so would not be in the spirit of what it was originally designed to promote. Jennifer Government isn't about sane, stable governments. It's about irrational and fundamentally contradictory practices that are inherent in a bureaucracy gone amok.

I like it just like it is.