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21-03-2005, 20:35
Please don't burn me at the stake if this is the wrong forum for this... ;)

I and a group of freinds have recently started a new region with the intent of doing some RPing. We made all the background for our nations, and now we've decided having a map would be quite nice. Now I fiddled about a bit with Adobe Photoshop 7.0, and realised that while I could make a passable map, it would be tedious and look rather tacky. So I searched the internet for nigh on an hour looking for map building programs. The ones I found were either centred on too small a region (like a tavern or castle) or very, very old and buggy.

So I'm wondering if any of you guys have found any good, easy to use (free!) cartography programs to download off the web that would allow me and my friends to create a map our our region.

Thnaks for any help you can give, or even if you know a way to make good maps using Adobe Photoshop.