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Looking for a Region?

19-03-2005, 18:24
The Forgotten Holy Realm is looking for nations! We have recently shrunk from a small size of 12 nations to a tiny group of 4, and for that reason, would love to have you join our region. The Forgotten Holy Realm is tons of fun; an exciting atmosphere where every voice is heard. So, if you are tired of your giant or boring region, send Leylsh a telegram today for the password so you can join in the fun! Thanks!
20-03-2005, 17:10
I just realized that I forgot to mention one other thing. If sending me a telegram is too much trouble, feel free to respond here, and I will then contact you. Thanks again! :)
The Buttwipes
20-03-2005, 17:29
Hey Leylsh,
Was up.Your region sonds interesting and I would like to join. But before I join I am wondering if your region would be willing to give me two endorsments, just so that I can sbmit a Proposal to the UN( it says I need two endorsements ). If you would like to telegram me (at The Empire of the Buttwipes ) about what my Proposal I want to submit, what my country is like, or just to give me the Password, feel Free!

The Buttwipes
21-03-2005, 20:31
Great! A telegram is on the way.
Anyone else out there looking for a smaller, more personal region?
Look no further~The Forgotten Holy Realm is perfect for you! :)
21-03-2005, 22:36
Do you have an offsite forum?
22-03-2005, 20:31
Sorry, but no, we don't. The regional message board seems to be the best way for all-region communication, and is quite sufficient.
23-03-2005, 02:45
Well I am now happy to report that The Forgotten Holy Realm has grown to seven nations and shows no signs of stopping...any more nations interested?
Tree Hugging Lesbians
23-03-2005, 07:54
Send us a tele.
23-03-2005, 22:22
okay, will do
Pandoria Diplomatic
24-03-2005, 00:55
The Region of Pandoria would be honoured to become an ally. Pandoria can offer extensive military protection should you be invaded.

The Pandorian Government awaits your telegram
25-03-2005, 00:31
The Federated States of Europe would be glad to have you join our region. Our regional office will wire you and if you like our region, please join.

Thank You.
25-03-2005, 20:55
Well, we pretty much like our region, and most of us don't want to leave. However, since you are all alone in your region, perhaps you would like to move to The Forgotten Holy Realm. I promise it will be more exciting then staying in a region by yourself, and we would be glad to have you!