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Nasicournia Opens Doors to Immigrants

Pope Hope
12-03-2005, 03:43
Nasicournia, one of NS most democratic and equal opportunity regions, has just opened up a new immigration region, password-free. We usually recruit for very specific nations, so this is a grand opportunity to join us! In Nasi, we believe in quality rather than quantity of nations, which has helped to ensure our longevity and success as one of the most powerful and fun regions in the game.

Nasicournia is a very active region. If you go check out our forum at:

you'll find many people there participating in the various aspects of Nasicournian life. We have grown into a big family; very closeknit in friendship and alliance.

Some quick facts about Nasicournia:

--1/3 of our population are role players.

--1/3 of our population consists of serious defenders.

--the rest simply enjoy the game, OOC chatter, or watching their nations develop within the safety of our well-protected borders.

--we have our own regional army and inteligence agency with a successful deep cover ops team.

--we have extensive alliances with other powerful regions and organizations.

--our delegate votes based on the regional consensus.

--we offer the military protection of the Nasicournian Security Council to all nations who move to our region.

--in Nasicournia, you will have the opportunity to engage in every play aspect of NS if you so choose.

--we vote on everything, and every nation has an equal voice in voting.

--we enjoy a regional chatroom on IRC.

This simply scratches the surface on life our region. If you would like more information, feel free to contact Helvetica Sans or DeltaOne, our Immigration Ministers. Myself and our elected delegate, SuperVegeta, would also be glad to talk to you about joining us. :)

If you are interested in joining Nasicournia or any of our territory regions, please move to the region Gateway to Nasicournia.

Follow the directions in the World Factbook Entry, and you will be sent the official electronic contract and welcome letter into our region.

This is a rare occurance in Nasicournian history, so come join in the fun now! ;)

12-03-2005, 09:28
Hmmm. Maybe I should move a nation to Nasicournia. :cool:
Pope Hope
12-03-2005, 20:16
It is highly advisable. ;)

You look like someone that would enjoy a good hockey tournament...we just happen to have one of those going on right now! :D
Crazy girl
12-03-2005, 21:18
i had a nation there....somewhere....lost it. :(
Pope Hope
12-03-2005, 21:20
Do you remember which one it was? I do, if you want to resurrect it... ;)
Crazy girl
12-03-2005, 21:37
yes, SeaGee, but not sure if my sorry excuse for a memory will remember to log in in time :p
13-03-2005, 16:48
*In an Irish accent* "Hop on the steamboat everybody, where gonna have a better life, in Nasicournia!"
Pope Hope
05-04-2005, 18:18
Umphart, I must have missed you arriving! I do hope you're not stranded in customs! :D
05-04-2005, 18:24
In the brief amount of time that I have been in Nasicournia, I've felt extremely welcome by everyone there. I strongly recommend that others join this region. I do plan on staying here for quite a while. :)
Pope Hope
05-04-2005, 19:16
Aww...*hugs Euro*

We're very glad to have you and certainly hope you stay! :)
05-04-2005, 19:36
And for those looking for a holiday away from busy Nasicournia, we can recommend the Borderlands. Busy it definitely isn't.

*petition signed by all active members of Borderlands*

*at this point, Sanctaphrax signed again in order to avoid it looking too empty*
Pope Hope
05-04-2005, 19:43

*Huga Sancta too*

He does need some company in there. Border residents tend to have only sporadic episodes of activity. :p
05-04-2005, 19:57
By episodes of activity, she means when DeltaOne logs into his puppet and we have a conversation.

(PH, could you please log into IRC?)
Smart healthy models
06-04-2005, 14:25
I'm interested in joining. Do you have a foreign affairs department? I'd like to be an ambassador.

Please see my Other post about joining a region.

06-04-2005, 22:02
I'm interested in joining. Do you have a foreign affairs department? I'd like to be an ambassador.

Aye, Nasi has a Foreign Affairs department. See the Nasicournian Constitution ( for more information.
Smart healthy models
06-04-2005, 23:27
I can't believe I just read that entire thing, lol. Fantastic!

Sign me up!
Pope Hope
08-04-2005, 09:43

Welcome to Nasi! ;)
Pope Hope
04-05-2005, 06:16
Well, Nasicournia is recruiting again, so... ya'll are welcome to move on in! ;)
04-05-2005, 12:17
Uh, I hope there aren't any national-socialist sentiments in the choice of the name 'Nasicournia'?
04-05-2005, 12:29
I think you'll find that that is purely coincidence.

Edit= oh and it is with an s and not a z
04-05-2005, 12:51
I think you'll find that that is purely coincidence.

Edit= oh and it is with an s and not a z

I know it's 's', not 'z', but there's so many pseudo-Nazi regions... it sounds similar.

Sorry for making that unpleasant insinuation Nasicournia...
Pope Hope
05-05-2005, 07:08
It probably would have said so in the description if we were Nazis. We are most definitely not. Our namesake comes from the original creator of our region, Nasicournus.

We're a pixed political group of nations, very diverse, but to my knowledge not even one of them is a Nazi.

It's often been commented that our choice of abbreviation is unfortunate (you'll see the word Nasi or Nasis being thrown around a lot), but if you know us the correlation stops even coming to mind quite quickly I assure you. ;)
06-05-2005, 02:54
Nasicournia is an awesome region. If you ever want RP action, this is the region you want to go to.
06-05-2005, 02:58
Nasi kicks ass. Yeah, I may be delegate, but I've been there going on two years and I've never felt so much as a thought against it, or for leaving. The people are friendly, the RP's are great, and the tacos taste good.

Long live Nasi.

Playa Chk Is back
06-05-2005, 02:58
Nasicournia, Is the best NS region Period. All different types of nations, A awesome and extremly active forum. A extremly fun IRC channel.....and *shrugs* the people just rock.

Move a puppet there, you wont regret it.
Pope Hope
06-05-2005, 21:49
*hugs everyone* :) Yes, we have a lot of fun. Good friends we have become. ;)
06-05-2005, 21:54
*hugs everyone* :) Yes, we have a lot of fun. Good friends we have become. ;)

PH Yoda has become! :eek:

And by the way...if you're really nice to her, PH might declare a holiday in her nation for you.

No wub smiley, but... :fluffle: @PH
Tuesday Heights
06-05-2005, 22:49
Anybody who has spent any time in Nasi will tell you it's well worth it if you want to get truly involved in all the various aspects NS finds itself evolving into everyday. It was definitely one of my highlights of my time playing the game.
The Burnsian Desert
06-05-2005, 22:56
Listen to TH. She's been around the block more than once :).

And I'm a proud member of Nasicournia (and the Nasicournian Intelligence Agency, until SWATH realizes I haven't sent my report yet... hehe) and I highly suggest you move there. Tacos forever! :p
Tuesday Heights
06-05-2005, 23:00
Listen to TH. She's been around the block more than once :).

I've been around the block in a good way. ;)
The Burnsian Desert
06-05-2005, 23:02
I've been around the block in a good way. ;)

You know what I meant :p
06-05-2005, 23:23
*has been around the block a good way of course* ;)
Pope Hope
09-05-2005, 10:58
What? You mean there's a bad way around the block? :eek:

Pope Hope
18-05-2005, 01:17
Nasicournia Update: [17-MAY-2005]

--Nasicournia contains 102 nations, with 13 in the Borderlands and 15 in Gateway to Nasicournia. NasiCorps is always stationed out of the region, and has reached an all-time high of over 50 nations, 34 of whom are also in the ADN.


--Current Delegate: SuperVegeta

--Given the first slow down of the year, are preparing to open our borders to immigration once again. Gateway to Nasicournia is now officially the new recruit region of Nasi.

--Congratulations to Mental Folk for his election as Nasicournia's ADN Council Representative, and to Unistrut for his election as Nasicournia's A.L.L. Representative!

--So far the region is voting to raise the endorsement cap from two to four endorsements, with a margin of three votes inbetween staying the same or raising. This measure has gathered support with the growth of our own large regional defense army.

--Nasicournia has voted FOR each new region applying for admission to the ADN in the past few months.


--Remlin is serving Foreign Relations Director of Nasicournia after running unopposed and winning the appointment vote.

--Nasicournia and the West Pacific finalized and formalized our alliance a couple of months ago. NasiCorps was honored to have a great turn out in the defense of the West Pacific two nights ago. Congrats Neenee!

--We continue to support our long-time allies and friends, the residents of the North Pacific. Nasicournia welcomes Treenudity as our newest Nasi-TNP double resident!

--Nasi has opened relations with Stars, the region of TNP exiles. We will continue to provide any assistance asked of us by all residents of the North Pacific oppressed by the current illegitimate government.

--Japanada, Stars, and Aequitas have opened Embassies on our forum. We welcome our newest friends and look forward to furthering relations.

--The Rogue Nations United had also established an embassy which Nasicournia is in the process of closing since TRNU's decision to become full-time invaders.

--Nasi is proud to be the newest member region of the Allied Liberation League! Special congratulations goes to Unistrut, who was recently elected as Chairman of the A.L.L.

--The NIA currently has 21 active covert operatives who are achieving levels of unprecedented success.

--NasiCorps is, as always, deployed in defending.

Role Play

--RPs continue: "Redemption and Revenge", "Collective Chaos: Charred Worlds War II", "The War of Scouring" and "The Nasicournian Professional Hockey League" remaining the most popular.

--At the last published regional news, The Charlatan Athletic News and the Nasicournian Professional Hockey League reported the following results for our first official season:

The NPHL final was billed as with two major selling points. The first was come and see the Dragons run all over the DeltaOne Fist and pound Otto von Blizzard with countless shots. The second was see von Blizzard stop those shots with a style all his own. And surprise surprise, the only ones more frustrated than Mangalia's forwards were the Dunvegan Dragons. This simple three game series became a marathon, and even though there were only two games necessary, a total of 306 minutes were played. That's six periods in regulation, three each game, and a massive eight overtime periods plus two more partial ones.

Game one went down in Dragon Park, deep in the heart of Dunvegan. From the beginning it was predicted that von Blizzard would be the key to the series' longevity, and he didn't dissapoint. The Dragons couldn't hit so much as a crossbar until the fourth overtime period, when defenceman Remone Itza ripped a shot from high in the slot beating von Blizzard high on the blocker side. Sammy Dunham stopped all 46 shots the Fist threw at him.

In game two, the Fist were hoping to use the home ice advantage to even the series, and again, both goalies took their teams deep, this game going into the SIXTH overtime frame. But in the end, the Dunvegan skaters were just too much for von Blizzard, as Tash Rae slid a rebound in 5-Hole to win the game and put the seal on the battle for the Hopian Cup.

C.A.N. caught up to Rae shortly after the game; he had this too say.

"We know we were the odds on favorites to win this from Day 1, and we didn't want to disappoint. But that doesn't diminish just how great it feels. Every guy on this team deserves this, from Dunham, who played great for us, to el Raul and Maceachen, right to the guys on the bench. Dunvegan's a great hockey city, and we couldn't be prouder to play here."

There you have it Nasicournia, the Dunvegan Dragons, winners of the Hopian Cup, and NPHL Champions.

Season two is already in the making!

--The Taco Dragon is a smashing success. Created by New Cimmeria and named by the collective efforts of Ascendent Saiyans and Akiiryu, TTD is Nasicournia's first official pub!


--The second game of "Guess who will post next" has already reached 58 pages.

--Other popular games include: "Describe the Below Poster," "Describe the person above you," and the "Get to Know Each Other Game," "Favorite time of the year," "Random Talk," and "One Thing You CANT Live With Out."

--Lord FlashHeart's topic "Force O Meter" and The Charlatans' "MIx Tape/CD Trading..." topics are a must see.

--SuperVegeta's "Blogs" topic continues to dominate our Writing section.


--Nasicournia is currently sending votes in to our Regional Delegate so he may cast his vote on behalf of our region.

This has been a long-overdue update from the region of Nasicournia. ;)
Pope Hope
18-05-2005, 01:52
I should probably add that all Nasicournia updates can be found in this thread:
Tuesday Heights
18-05-2005, 02:16
(I miss Nasi.)
Pope Hope
18-05-2005, 22:11
(You know TH territories are always welcome home; no statute of limitations on that offer either. ;))
Pope Hope
29-08-2005, 21:09
Nasicournia Update: [29-AUGUST-2005]

--Nasicournia contains 105 nations, with 3 in the Borderlands and 20 in Gateway to Nasicournia. NasiCorps is always stationed out of the region, and has reached an all-time high of over 50 nations, 40 of whom are also in the ADN.


--Current Delegate: Katangara

--Nasicournia just finished holding a delegate election. As dictated by the Nasicournia Constitution, any native may call for a delegate election at any time as long as the current delegate has served at least one month in office. SuperVegeta has been our faithful and dedicated Regional Delegate for 275 days, but recently finalized his decision to return to defending.

--There were three candidates in the delegate election: Katangara, New Cimmeria, and Freedom Rules. All three are long-time Nasi natives, and each would bring different strengths to the delegacy. The region cannot lose in this election with such fine candidates running.

--Katangara is the new elected delegate of Nasi! The change was made last night, with long-time Nasi native Orewa filling in for an update so SuperVegeta could return ASAP to defending.

--Given the impending return of the active NS season, we are preparing to open our borders to immigration once again. Our expanded recruitment team is ready for some action.

--Congratulations to Unistrut for his election as Nasicournia's latest ADN Council Representative!

--Nasicournia has voted FOR each new region applying for admission to the ADN in the past few months.


--The region is currently discussing a proposed alliance with the region The Vallian Plains.

--The NIA currently has 35 active covert operatives who are achieving levels of unprecedented success.

--NasiCorps is, as always, deployed in defending, putting a dent in our regional UN population but smiles on our faces.

Role Play

--RPs continue: "NPHL Season #2", "The Last Knights Character RP", "Nasicournia vs. SuperVegeta" and "Flight of the Namek" remaining the most popular.


--There are so many pinned and extremely active OOC topics at the moment that I can't begin to list them all.

--The next time you visit Nasicournia, please stop by the Taco Dragon and the Spam Cave for some rabble rousing IC and OOC fun.

--The players in Nasi have been pleased to welcome several of our good IC & OOC friends as residents of our region since the last posted regional update. This includes Peaceful Minds, Stoned Smurfs, John Ashcroft Land, Tactical Grace, Nice People, Gasponia, Biayh, Dog Lake, Dilber, SodaCan2, NuMetal, North Macedonia, and Neandertron. Nasicournia welcomes all of our friends, new and old, within our borders! :)


--Nasicournia is currently sending votes in to our Regional Delegate so he may cast his vote on behalf of our region.

This has been another long-overdue update from the region of Nasicournia. ;)
29-08-2005, 21:22
Thanks for reminding me to update my own regional recruitment thread. :)
Pope Hope
29-08-2005, 21:31

It's usually you reminding me of something... :D
29-08-2005, 21:35

It's usually you reminding me of something... :D

What? The great Pope Hope needing reminders? Say it ain't so... :cool:
Pope Hope
16-09-2005, 19:35
Nasicournia Update: [16-SEPTEMBER-2005]

September population explosion!

--Nasicournia contains 172 nations, with 3 securing the now historical Borderlands and 55 in Gateway to Nasicournia...with more immigrants in transit! NasiCorps is bigger than ever, and as always is completely stationed out of the region.


--Current Elected Delegate: Katangara

--Nasicournia re-opened the Recruitment Team, with unexpected positive results! In less than two weeks, we have almost doubled our population, largely due to the organizational efforts and dedication of Nasi Recruitment Advisor, Helvetica Sans.

We hope to soon surpass our all-time high population, joining the 200 nations club!

--Unistrut, Nasicournia's ADN Council Representative, has tallied Nasi's votes for the ongoing ADN elections. As such, he has cast our votes accordingly for our very own SWATH to serve as the next ADN Deputy Director, and for Joop of Antartica to serve as Council President. Nasicournia is pleased to share that all the candidates in this election are once again fine examples of national, regional, and organizational leaders--we can't lose no matter what the results!

--Nasicournia has voted FOR each new region applying for admission to the ADN in the past couple of months, and welcomes all new regions to the ADN family!


--The region recently finalized our new alliance with The Vallian Plains! Through the dual residency of our honored friend, ally, and neighbor, Sanctaphrax, Nasicournia expects close relations with TVP to continue growing, to the benefit of both regions.

--Nasicournia has recently appointed several new Ambassadors to our allied and friendly regions:

Mental folk, Ambassador to Texas
Gasponia, Ambassador to A Federal Commonwealth Society
Carabar President, Ambassador to Abyss
Asutaneku, Ambassador to Equilism
SWATH, Ambassador to Alcatraz

Remlin, Nasicournia's Foreign Affairs Director, recently returned from an absence from NS, so hopefully, to those we have yet not addressed...expect an official Nasi Ambassador to arrive soon in a region near you. B)

-The Nasicournian Intelligence Agency currently has an all-time high number of 41 active covert operatives who are achieving levels of unprecedented success, to the detriment of invaders and imperialists who would-be tyrants. We are extremely proud of our agents, and have never had one caught in the extremely long history of the NIA!

--NasiCorps is, as always, thoroughly deployed in defense and liberation missions. Yes, this puts a dent in our UN population, but defending is still a passion close to the heart of our region. NasiCorps has also opened up for enlistment of all of our promising newcomers!

--SuperVegeta has joined SWATH as the new elected Co-Commander of NasiCorps! Major re-construction of our famous UN Army is underway.

--NasiCorps has been actively deployed in many recent defense and liberation missions, most recently including Socialism, where NC Cadets made a fine showing of their newly-acquired skills, defense of allied regions The Ocean Of Purity, Zion, and 0000 United Democratic Nations, another defense of Palestine, and a reinforcement mission for our new friends of Kykloios.

--Nasicournia welcomes The Roman Raven Empire back to NS and the ADN, in particular our long-time allies rotcjagman and Fire People!

--We would also like to welcome Domaithius, Founder of The Ocean of Purity, back to the game. Nasicournia is proud to have played a key role in the resurrection and return home of a good ally and friend.

Role Play

--Feudal Japan RP, started by newcomer and excellent role player Normandy333, is currently the most popular Nasi RP.

--Nasicournia's RP newspaper, the Nasicournian Interloper, has had a surge of new submissions since our new neighbors began to arrive. Check out national and regional news from Nasicournian nations there!

--Nasicournia's own famous Ascendent Saiyans continues to dazzle us with his epic tale of heroism and intrigue, Flight of the Namek.

--One of our newest residents, Sunset Dreams, is starting a new sports league...Nasicournian Professional Basketball Association, the NPBA! All Nasicournians and international friends are invited and welcome to join this exciting new project.

--Regional Institutions and Alliances is a new section of the Nasicournia forum. This is the brainchild of one of our brilliant new neighbors, Munisha. Any nations wishing to develop any kind of regional organization, institution, or alliance are asked to visit this forum. The possibilities are endless!


--The proprietors of the Taco Dragon (Nasi's local tavern) and The Spam Cave (our famous OOC barrel of laughs) have been thrilled to meet our many new neighbors who are interested in joining in the fun.

--Random Facts!, SMILIES!!!!, Guess who will post next V3.0, Word Association Game, Karaoke!, The Pants Game, STORY, One Sentence at a time, Get to Know Each Other Game, Describe the Below Poster, Describe the Above Poster, v.2,
~Pots~ Mindless Trivia, Very random trivia question, Random Talk, Count from 10000, least favorite music, and MOVIES!!! are only some of the topics bursting with OOC activity at the moment. Come join in the fun!

--Communistic Matchett, Valiturus, thedictatorshipofmikeyway, and Asutaneku have been our busiest new OOCers, while Stoned Smurfs has started the most new topics.

Stoned Smurfs is currently away from Nasicournia, helping hurricane victims down in New Orleans. His neighbors and friends here salute his honorable efforts, and wish him a safe return home.

--Once again, we've been honored to welcome several of our good long-time IC & OOC friends as residents of our region. Get On It and Penngrove of Freedom Fighters have recently joined us, as well as Astarial from Equilism. Nasicournia is extremely blessed to have garnered such a "who's who" of NationStates' greatest leaders within our borders. :)

--Finally, Nasicournia celebrates the return of Rianisis to Nasicournia. Rianisis is one of the original members of our region, and is the once world-reknowned world leader that recruited Pope Hope to Nasicournia in the first place, and took A New Begining to a population of over 100 nations! This hero has returned to our borders, and we are jubilent.

We missed you, Ri-an! Welcome home!


--Katangara has taken UN Debates in Nasi to an all-time "high" (hehe). Making sure he looks out for the best interest of the region, he puts forth his ideas and listens to the ideas of Nasicournians, finally casting his vote based on our democratic tally of UN nation votes.

Thank you for taking the time to read this long-winded and extremely positive update from Nasicournia! B)
Pope Hope
16-09-2005, 19:35
Nasicournia proudly presents our brand-new regional promotional video!

All credit for this superb artistic expression of Nasicournian regional life belongs with Unistrut.

Pope Hope
22-11-2005, 22:01
Nasicournia Update: [18-OCTOBER-2005]

--Nasicournia contains 158 nations, with the Gateway holding a big 50... with more immigrants in transit! NasiCorps has exploded with changes and additions to several departments of NasiCorps keeping it active and more productive than ever, and, just like every other day, is completely stationed out of the region.


--Nasicournia is one of the regions that has had a long history in NationStates and most of it being well documented. Talks are in the works for a biography of sorts of Nasicournia thanks to a small group of Nasicournians.

--On the 18 of September 2005 SWATH was elected A.D.N. DEPUTY DIRECTOR, SWATH took office on 22 of September 2005 congratulations to SWATH.

--We are sad to announce that the TVP Ambassador to Nasi of New Sanctaphrax has announced that due to a major disagreement with the mods they are cutting ties with NS. This is fairly new news and we will keep you posted. We do wish Sanctaphrax the best of luck in whatever they decide.

Foreign Affairs

--The region recently has been in talks with the region Random Idiots for a proposed alliance. The proposal has been revised by Pope Hope and accepted by the leaders of the Random Idiots. All that is left now is the final signatures.

The Random Idiots region contains 35 nations and The Rogue Nation of Drmr is the acting UN Delegate for the last 29 days.

--The region is also looking very closely at a possible alliance with the region Abyss. Most of the region seems to be in favor of this.

--We are always looking for other regions with the same goals as ours to add to our ever-growing list of allies and friends.

Role Play

--Feudal Japan RP, started by newcomer and excellent role player Normandy333, is STILL the most popular Nasi RP. We salute Normandy333, Lord Nerever, CFUS and the rest who have been locking horns in this RP.

--Nasicournia's RP newspaper, the Nasicournian Interloper, like always has added more and more content. to get the latest scoop on the current RPs check out national and regional news from Nasicournian nations there!

--In The Taco Dragon, betting has increased as well as the violence in the bar fight. Stop by and have yourself some beer, wine or a hand grenade.


--The Spam Cave has had another explosion of activity and is making post counts go off the scale! ~Pots~ Mindless Trivia, The New This or That game, Word Association Game v1.1, The Pants Game, Get to Know Each Other Game and Describe the above posters have been most active yet all get posted on at least once a day. Come give your post count a boost!

--Valiturus, a.k.a. The Spaminator, has had an amazing streak of spamming... err I mean posting by getting 33 posts a day! He currently holds 1,405 posts under his belt in a little over 45 days!

--Our beloved ~Pot~ (Stoned Smurfs) has came back full time and is in full swing again posting away. He is currently trying to get caught up on all of his NasiCorps Elite activity. We all welcome him back.


--Current Elected Delegate: Katangara - Holding it down for 111 days and counting -

--Katangara is working hard in real life as well as our UN whipping boy. He as well as a few others in Nasicournia and the Gateway are currently looking into proposing their own UN proposals.

--Mental folk, John Ashcroft Land, New Cimmeria and Unistrut have been voted top 4 in Nasicournia as the nations with the Stupidest Citizens in Nasicournia, but we all still love them =P

Thank you for taking the time to read this update from your friends in Nasicournia. B)
Pope Hope
22-11-2005, 22:02
Regional Update [28-OCTOBER-2005]
NasiNews online at (


--Nasicournia has had a boost in citizenship with 165 nations, with the Gateway growing to 52... with more immigrants in transit! NasiCorps is doing major recruiting and is beefing up in member nations, and, just like every other day, is completely stationed out of the region.

--Sanctaphrax voices his reasoning for leaving NS "Swath and TH, I just had a disagreement with the mods, over what happened to Hogsweat. I felt they made a wrong decision, badly wrong one, and left. Its not the only run in I've had with them recently. Fris has pissed me off on two other separate occasions."

Foreign Affairs

The Foreign Affairs Department continues to grow!

--Nasicournia has decided to strengthen relations between several regions in order to enlarge the Nasicournia community.

--We are considering an alliance with United Regions. A poll has been opened, but the regions alliance with The Federal Empire is showing doubts in many of Nasicournia’s citizens as to whether an alliance would be ideal. Investigation on this matter is being conducted.

Nasicournia is always looking for new regions they can call friends!

Role Play

--In the Bar Fight thread as well as the Out of Beer thread, Stoned Smurfs and Tar Palantir seem to be the target of Lord Nerever and Valiturus' anger management problems. Feel the need to become their savor or want to join in on the madness of beating these poor souls into the dirt, then just swing by the Taco Dragon today!

--Rangers, Scrags and Zombies oh my. Inside the 'Feudal Japan RP' thread we have CFUS, Normandy333, Charlatans and Lord Nerever locking horns and killing pretty much everything in sight. Blood, guts, zombies and glory your thing? Then head on over to the 'Feudal Japan RP' thread now.


--The Friends Behind the Nations thread allows us to view Nasicournians from their RL points of view. Learn more about your favorite Nasicournian by taking a gander at these posts!

--If NS, IC, RP or anything NationStates gets you down then just check out the Writing thread, where you can posts your own creations or the Games, Music, and Anything Else thread where, well, games, music and anything else applies!


--Our UN Delegate is The Commonwealth Protectorate of Katangara. We made an error last report and wish to correct that by stating he was elected 65 days ago, unlike the 111 days we last reported.

--The UN Delegate to the Gateway to Nasicournia is The Queendom of King Islands who was elected 120 long days ago.

Thank you for taking the time to read this Regional Update from your friends in Nasicournia.
Pope Hope
22-11-2005, 22:02
Regional Update [11-November-2005]
NasiNews online at (


--Nasicournia is holding strong citizenship with 167 nations, with the Gateway growing to 61... More and more arrive every day! NasiCorps is still recruiting and, just like every other day, is completely stationed out of the region.

--*** Official Nasicournian Security Council Reminder ***

Per regional endorsement guidelines, all United Nations members are reminded to endorse our regional United Nations Delegate, Katangara. Thank you for your cooperation.

Nations in continued violation of our regional endorsement guidelines may be subject to ejection.

*** End NSC Reminder ***

Foreign Affairs

--The alliance proposition with the United Regions is not complete. Nasicournia is still investigating.

--With Gaspiona's(Gaspo) departure, the regions he was ambassador to were left open. They have been taken by Asutaneku and SWATH. Thanks guys

--A relationship with Alta Vista was proposed. It was rejected by Alta Vista officials.

--Nasicournia is making the final touches on the Random Idiots Alliance

--Nasicournia is also considering alliances with WWSETI and Stars. Polls are up.

Role Play

--Our newest RP is 'Control the World...or at least a piece of it.' Stop by and sign up while its still fresh!

-- Spartan157, Lord Nerever and more are fighting it out in the Halo RP. Even though we are still not sure how a lightsaber got involved.


--Nasicournia's total board posts have grown immensely thanks to our active members. We now stand at around 47,000 posts.

--Valiturus, once again, is the busiest OOCer with around 2,800 posts and with an average of 45 posts/day.

--NooGloo, New_Cimmeria, and kweezy are next on the list with a major increase of post counts in comparison to our last update, while Mental Folk has reached his 2,000th post!. Congratulations guys!

--'Guess Who Will Post Next v3.0' is the most active topic.

--Topics such as Story, This or That, Count from 10000, The Pants Game, Word Association game v1.1, SMILIES!!!, and Get to Know Eachother game are just some of the fun topics that await you in The Spam Cave. Come on in!


--Our UN Delegate is The Commonwealth Protectorate of Katangara. He has been in office now for 78 days.

--The UN Delegate to the Gateway to Nasicournia is The Queendom of King Islands who was elected 133 days ago has been challenged by Ike and Tinaville (Stoned Smurfs UN puppet) for the Delegatacy. Stay tuned for more on that.

Thank you for taking the time to read this Regional Update from your friends in Nasicournia.
22-11-2005, 22:48
Hi there fellow NS'ers. *Ducks from Pope Hope*
I am an older member of Nasicournia. Many of you do not know me, but some do. And I'd like to say that Nasicournia is the best region one can walk in. Nasicournia is just perfect. It doesn't resume only on playing NS, we have our community of friendly, active players that always are happy and understanding with every new nation.
What else can I say *ducks from Pope Hope again*... come here and enjoy :)
23-11-2005, 21:25
The Republic of Farlong has joined the ranks of this great community, and we are very happy to be a part of it. Thanks agian for the invite!! :D
Lil s
23-11-2005, 22:28
im thinking of joining, im assuming that you have a very strong pro nazi policy?
Pope Hope
24-11-2005, 00:03
Yes...the abbreviation of Nasicournia is rather unfortunate in the resemblence to "Nazi" (but we don't even think of that anymore since the nickname stuck), but Nasicournians are good people and therefore staunchly anti-Nazi.

You are more than welcome to join us, and/or check out our forum to find out more in person. :)