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Woohoo! New region!

05-03-2005, 03:48
I've founded the region of Touch of Tulips. It is a relaxed setting for those who like to write, role play, debate, analyze politics, etc.

I'll try to get a new poem up each day for the people's enjoyment (or just readers who aren't region members). There's a new quote in the World Factbook Entry every few days, also. Those who have tons of ideas will be wanted! I plan on various fun activities within the region to make the game, well, a fun game. :p

You can find the region under "Touch of Tulips" in the World.

I'll keep you updated.

Please comment.
05-03-2005, 03:50
Oh, hey, by the way, I'm a UN nation and any person who wants to be a UN Delegate can move to Touch of Tulips and I'll gladly endorse you. Regional controls are off (I want to control what goes on the WFE), but an agreement about that could be arranged to change that policy.
06-03-2005, 01:00

Working on humorous regional government.
06-03-2005, 23:32

No regional government.

I'm planning a Poetry Contest, but I'm waiting until the region has grown a bit.

Recruitment has begun, and anyone who'd like to help is welcome to.
Border Islands
06-03-2005, 23:59
Im in your region now lol
07-03-2005, 23:31
:D Cool.


Touch of Tulips is now the home and haven of the everlasting, never-ending Tulip Festival! Events in this festival include games, parties, contests, and much more!

So stop by and be a part of the fun!
08-03-2005, 00:59
I love the way your region sounds.
I'm a very poetic man. :D
08-03-2005, 01:10
Ah, just stop by and poetry is all you'll see at the moment! :p

Why don't you join?
08-03-2005, 23:57

Playing around constantly with the WFE and trying to plan out the future for Touch of Tulips... :)