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Warning to anyone wishing to pass through the region of Dark Water

Sacred Evil
24-02-2005, 13:55
Agent Storm, leader of The Rouge Nation of Sacred Evil would like to issue a warning to anyone intending to travel through the region of Dark Water. Many evils live in the Dark Water, and so I recommend you arm your selves with as many fire arms that you can carry, if you wish to survive and pass through the region unharmed!
Every day bodies and body parts are washing up on the shores of Sacred Evil, most of these bodies remain unidentified and unclaimed to this day.
If you know of anyone who has been travelling in this region and disappeared, chances are the Water got to them.
I would like to say that their deaths were quick and painless but i regret to inform you that i cannot lie, i have seen what the water can do.

Thank you for reading this warning, and I wish luck to anyone who must pass through this once great region of Dark Water.

Agent Storm
Serpent Country
24-02-2005, 22:12
The Serpent Country Geographic Society would like to inquire as to exactly what this evil force is that is leaving bodies washed up on the shores of your nation-state.
25-02-2005, 03:25
Jenrak is also interested as to this strange phenomena, and would request if the Sacred Evil will be able to provide information on this 'Dark Water' so that we may add to our archives.